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We know you’re busy, but we know that you’ve probably checked out some businesses like yours on the internet. If you haven’t, take another look at the successful ones. As you’re touring, pay special attention to the content you’re seeing on those websites. How many blogs do you see? Out of the businesses who have blogs on their websites, how many of those blogs would you consider coming back to again? Do you think any of those businesses purchase blog posts for their business?

It probably won’t take you too long to realize that most of what you’re reading is pretty ho-hum. In fact, many businesses aren’t too concerned about the type of writing they have on their site. They’ve learned that keywords are important, so they throw those in there. Yet, they’re not always placed correctly, and they’re not always good keywords for their business.

In short, they are stale — like bread that’s been sitting out for days.

stale bread - avoid - purchase blog posts instead

Maybe you got lucky during your cyber tour and you came across a business blog that appeared to be written by a great writer. The stories you read were fresh and interesting to read, and you couldn’t wait to consume more of what that writer (or writers) had to say. How did you feel after you finished reading? Were you inspired? Entertained? Did you learn something new? Did it improve your impression of that business overall?

In an article on Inc.com, writer Jason Fried issues businesses likes yours a challenge when he says:

“If you care about your product, you should care just as much about how you describe it. In nearly all cases, a company makes its first impression on would-be customers or partners with words — whether they’re on a website, in sales materials, or in e-mails or letters. A snappy design might catch their attention, but it’s the words that make the real connection. Your company’s story, product descriptions, history, personality — these are the things that go to battle for you every day. Your words are your frontline. Are they strong enough?”

The fact is, you’re reading this blog post because you know you’re supposed to have some content on your website. You know it’s supposed to be good, and you might not be sure how to go about creating it. Unfortunately, much of what you read online is pretty stale. Businesses in the same niche use the same tired phrases over and over again to sell their products. Content writing for many businesses has become a formula, and unfortunately, the formula isn’t any good.

Take heart! There’s still hope! Taking the “stale” out of your website content doesn’t have to be difficult, or even expensive. In fact, once you do take the “stale” out, you’ll be left with a website that actually does what it’s supposed to do for your business, which is help it grow.

Some of the best websites out there use just a bit of wit and a well-placed chuckle to appeal to the customers. The businesses who own these genius websites aren’t using the same old tired techniques to sell a product to each person who happens by their site. They’re using their content to engage their visitors, and when you do that enough, even if the customer doesn’t take to your content at first, it won’t be long and you’ll grow on them. The key is in finding your voice, and showcasing it on your blog.

Are you ready to do a little searching to find your voice? BlogMutt can help take the “stale” out of your blog as you look for your perfect tone. By using a crowd of writers from various backgrounds, your blog will be filled with variety. In fact, when you stop posting the same thing your competitors are posting, we’ll have no choice but to place you into the “genius” category as well.

Editor’s Note: This is another awesome post from Nicole Colwell. (For an explanation of this series, and why we identify writers in this blog, see this post.) I really do share the joy that our hundreds of business customers around the world get when I get a post written just for me. It’s not exactly what I would write, but that’s not the point. The point is that it is a great post, and it’s DONE! If you’d like to know the joy I get to have every week, sign up today. — Scott

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