Should You Use a Diverse Group of Ghostwriters for a Business Blog?

If you have a blog for your business, then you already know how important it is to target your blog towards your customers and potential customers. You need to constantly add fresh, relevant articles that will pique those customers’ interest and keep them coming back for more. That’s a hard thing to do by yourself, though. After all, you do have a business to run.

It can also be a tricky balancing act. What if your business has several different types of clients? How can one blog satisfy the needs of a disparate client base? For instance, a plumbing supply company may need detailed, more technical articles for their customers who are plumbing contractors.

But what about their customers who are just looking for ways to freshen up their bathroom? Those customers might appreciate articles with tips on choosing a new shower curtain or simple DIY projects like installing towel rods. How is a business going to satisfy the needs of both types of customers?

Using a diverse group of ghostwriters for a business blog

Well, that’s where using many different writers can come to the rescue of your business blog. Professional ghostwriters come from a wide range of backgrounds, with different experiences and writing styles. If you need someone with technical expertise, there’s probably a writer for that. Need someone with a passion for home decorating or DIY projects? No problem – there are writers just waiting to help you out.


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Hiring professionals

Because professional writers come from all over the country and with just about every kind of employment history, they have the expertise to explain any concept. They also have another kind of expertise; they are experienced and enthusiastic researchers.

No matter what kind of business you have, there are writers out there who either have knowledge of the subject or are eager to research and then share the results of that research with your customers.


One of the joys of being a ghostwriter for business blogs is all of the great things you get to learn along the way. In fact, it’s easy to become so absorbed in learning about a new subject that you can lose track of time. That depth of knowledge base is critical for your blog. It gives it a sense of professionalism, reliability, and authenticity that your customers expect.

A consistent voice

You might be concerned that having a variety of writers producing articles for your blog can make it seem disjointed. However, when you work with professional ghostwriters — especially using a single platform — you can choose the voice you want used. Lighthearted or corporate, bullet points or narrative, you are in charge of how your blog ‘reads.’ A good writer will use the voice you’ve chosen to suit your intended audience.

Whether you prefer your blog to sound authoritative or humorous, ghostwriters will do their best to match your needs. One thing they will always do is engage your customers. And, after all, isn’t that the whole purpose of your blog?

Why not just use guest bloggers?

Many blogs use guest writers to augment their own efforts. Having other writers participate in the writing process can reduce the strain of keeping up with your business blog. You won’t have to face the prospect of coming up with all those articles yourself.

New writers can reinvigorate your content with fresh perspectives, new points of view, and maybe a whole new take on the subject that you hadn’t even considered before. Enriching your blog with more variety, diversity, and depth helps with SEO, too. That, in turn, may increase traffic to your website.


So, what are the advantages of using professional ghostwriters instead of finding a series of guest bloggers?

Professional quality work

Professional writers take pride in their work. They are thorough in their research and equally thorough in their proofreading. No egregious grammatical or spelling errors escape their notice.

The writers will check and re-check the material for an appropriate voice, its suitability for the audience, and its informational value. It must be perfect before they hit that ‘send to customer’ button.

Quality links

Professional writers will use the links you’ve provided and other quality links they’ve found during their research. They’ll use all of the links in a natural, easy to read way that won’t trigger any Google alarms.


Anything posting to your blog or website should first pass through plagiarism filters and quality control checks to ensure that you’re receiving the original, high-quality material your business deserves. Professional writers have no problem doing that because they are proud of their work.

If you’re convinced that a diverse pack of professional ghostwriters can provide you with the kind of interesting and informative material your business blog needs, consider working with BlogMutt. Our pack of writers has the kind of diversity, experience, and professionalism to help your blog appeal to a wide range of customers.

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