Six Reasons Why Blogging for Real Estate Is Important


If you have considered blogging for real estate, perhaps we can help convince you how important it can be to help you and your real estate business. Following are some important reasons that your business should be blogging.

Target readers that are potential clients

Blogging for real estate can help you target readers that may turn into potential clients. Providing the right content at the right time will help attract sales prospects from high quality leads that are generated by blogs which provide interesting content. Quality leads can be allured through online searches and social media. More on that later.

Let your blog become an asset

Blogs can be an important asset to your business. Think of it this way – the more traffic you have directed to your website, the more chances you have of making a sale. If you frequently update your blog with interesting content, it can assist you with directly targeting traffic to your business website. Here is where social media comes into play. It is critical to have links to your social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook on your blog. Having more links in your blog will help you build traffic on your social media sites as well. When you post your latest blog entry to your social media sites it will drive traffic to your website.

Engage the reader (and this one is important)

It is very important to engage with your clients and prospects. Providing useful and interesting content in your blog will not only attract your reader’s interest, but also hold their attention. Every sentence of your blog should add value and encourage the reader to read on. Here is an example of what one Realtor did to make her blog interesting, just to give you an idea.

Each week she selected a different and interesting topic. The first week of the month the topic was: It’s national (whatever) month, then continued to provide some background info or history about the origin of the theme, and how readers might participate with the observance, such as, “January is National Blood Donors Month,” and provided a link to where more details could be found.

The next week, the blog topic would be something related to tips for preparing your home for a sale, or staging. You probably get the idea of where this is going. The point is, the theme or topic of the blog provided interesting information, and was always followed blogging for real estatewith a property being featured for sale. The lead-in to that listing could be tweaked to fit in with the flow of the post.

Demonstrate your expertise

You can establish yourself as an industry expert. When you update your blog frequently with information about the industry that is relevant, you establish a reputation as the reader’s go-to person. Regularly updating your blog gives you a visible web presence and nurtures relationships with potential clients as you are establishing your expertise in the industry.

Build a rapport (which can be quite powerful)

You can actually develop a community of potential customers who follow your blog knowing that it will provide some useful information and be an interesting read. The blog gives you an opportunity to establish credibility. When the reader/potential client reads your blog they tend to feel like they already “know” you. Very often that makes them more likely to use your services. The blog that you post allows customers to reach out to you and stay updated on new developments and information that they are interested in learning.

Encourage communication

Creating a blog for your business can offer a valuable person-to-person connection. Interaction is very important to attract and retain potential customers. A blog is an excellent way to accomplish that, for example, by asking a question like “what type of property are you interested in?” or “what are your thoughts?” Readers enjoy posting comments or responses to your questions that all contribute to that connection.

If you would like to talk about this, or could use some more advice or even assistance with writing a blog don’t hesitate to contact us.


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