Small Business Blogging Tips To Keep Readers Coming Back For More


small business tipsYou’ve heard about ways to market, post, and generate good content to attract readers, but when it comes to keeping readers, you can always learn something new. Here are some small business tips to keep readers coming back to your blog and your site, again and again.

1. Enable Comments.

  • Show appreciation for the interaction of those commenting by responding. Readers feel appreciated if you respond to their insights, and it’s a great way to have a personal connection with your readers. It’s amazing how many blogs have comments with no feedback from the blogger or postmaster.
  • Make sure the comment section provides an easy way to post. Your choice is between a free comment section and a membership. Free comment sections have a user name, email address, optional web address, and space to comment. Some offer CAPACHAs. If you choose to require a sign-in membership, make the process simple. Lengthy information turns off readers.
  • Comment on other blogs. Comment on blogs that you read. It shows that you are interested and active, and might even encourage other bloggers — and their followers — to visit your site.

2. Remind Readers About Your Site.

  • Write a newsletter. Newsletters send your blog to your readers’ inboxes, with links that lead straight to targeted areas on your site.
  • An alternative to newsletters is an RSS feed. RSS feeds are located on feed websites, custom home pages, or in browser feeds, where readers can peruse at their leisure.

3. Connect The Dots.

  • A series focuses on one topic stretched into several parts. Let readers know when the next in a series is coming, and link the previous parts in the newest post. If anyone misses a part in the series, she can click on the link to catch up.
  • Wrap-ups remind the viewer of what happened this week, the past two weeks, or the past month. Incorporate the best blogs into the post and provide links to them.
  • Designate one day of the week to be a special day. Post an infographic, photos, comics, podcasts, fun quotes, or answer reader questions. Readers will look forward to that day for the latest content.
  • Similar articles are ones that relate to the ones you’re reading. Inform the reader of other articles that are worth viewing at the bottom of every article. Label it as “you may also like,” or something similar.

If you haven’t thought about these strategies, incorporate them into your blog now. For more information on blogs, contact us.

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