Small Business Tips To Make Your Restaurant Business Boom


small business tips for your restaurant

Chances are that you’ve sat around your restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night wondering where all of your customers are. You’ve done everything right. You’ve researched how to create a beautiful space with modern decor that catches your customer’s eyes the minute they walk through your door. You’ve taste-tested your food over and over again, until it’s so unbelievably good, your Grandma is asking for your recipes. Your staff is polite and courteous and they really know the menu inside and out. So, why are all the people heading up to the chain restaurant that’s been there for years?

This is a common problem for restaurant owners but it’s not something that can’t be overcome with a little bit of ingenuity and a smidge of creativity. Incorporating a blog into your restaurant website is one of those small business tips that has the “Mom and Pop” restaurants growing leaps and bounds over their big-name competition.

Why Should I Blog?

If you’re not familiar with how blogs work, a well-written blog captures the attention of your potential customers who are looking for a place to eat when they go out to dinner. The search engines pick up on keywords and drive your customers to check out your website.

How Should I Blog?

You should blog often and you should blog smart. If you think of yourself like a customer, or anyone purusing the internet for that matter, what types of things draw your attention? Your customers don’t want to see a hundred posts about how good your food is. They want to be entertained and captivated by the stuff you’re writing in your blog. You will get “bonus points” with your customers if you’re funny, too. A great blog that has the right keywords in it, will bring people in droves to your restaurant.

But I Can’t Blog

That doesn’t matter. There are lots of people who can blog. And there are lots of people who can help you create a great blog for your website that has the exact information you need to increase your business. With a little bit of time and some great writing, you’ll be handing out small business tips of your own in no time!

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Now, just to be clear… Blogmutt is not a restaurant. We don’t have a happy hour and we don’t have hamburgers. We’d like to think we have good service. We don’t take tips, though. I like this post because it shows the kind of thing that Blogmutt writers are capable of. They can write for just about any business, even small, local restaurants. Blogmutt writers can also create great posts for businesses that sell around the world, but only in really small niches. Indeed, that’s all we do! — Scott

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