The Seven Best Business Content Writing Tips You’ll Read This Year


A lot of people are ready to give you business content writing tips this year, but if we may toot our own horn, here are seven of the best tips you’ll receive anywhere:

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  • If you’re writing a blog post to promote your products or service, think of writing a letter to a friend. Don’t for a minute think the way you did when you wrote an essay in college. You might ask questions to involve your readers.
  • In all business writing, whether in a blog, advertisement, or company website, stick to the main point you want to make. In a blog post, get to whatever point you want to make in simple, easily understandable steps, usually within 300 to 500 words. Do you think your readers are busy? You’re right.
  • Plan your content in advance. If you think you’re too busy now to plan your business writing, or don’t have any idea what to write, when the day your material is due comes around, how will you feel if you’re not prepared? If it is a blog you’re writing, that day should come around at least once every week — anything less won’t do much to help your search ranking or convince potential customers that you’re actively engaged in your online presence.
  • A good title can draw readers. Without a good title, nobody will ever find what you wrote in the search engine. Your headline should let readers know what you’re writing about and draw them in. An effective way of doing this is thinking of a long search term that a reader might be looking for.
  • Make it as simple as possible. Big, fancy words will drive readers away, not bring them in. In the same way, your business content should have short, simple, structured sentences that get to the point quickly. This may vary depending on your audience, so it always pays to know your audience well.
  • Make your content easy to scan. A reader shouldn’t have to read your material word for word to get the idea. Don’t create paragraphs that are longer than five lines, and four might be better. Bullet points are pleasing to the eye. If you want to use a captioned image to highlight your main point, that might be ideal.
  • Answer your customer’s questions in your business content. For example, if you own a carpet store, and customers have asked you what kind of carpet would look best with a particular style of furniture, answer the question in your post.

These tips are a good starting point for any business blog, but we understand that maintaining one is sometimes easier said than done. We’d love to help by providing posts that engage your audience and improve your search ranking. Contact us to learn more about using a business content writing service.


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