Topics to Write About when Blogging for Contractors


Maintaining a business blog on your website is a great way to share your professional wisdom with clients, show off your latest projects, and pass on timely industry-related information. For contractors, that can be a challenge. But blogging for contractors doesn’t need to be difficult. There are thousands of potentially awesome articles for a contractor’s blog right under your nose.

Blog Posts About Hiring a Contractor

You want to capture potential clients around the time they decide they might need a blogging for contractorscontractor. What are they looking for? When you think like your clients, you’re able to plan blog posts that answer the questions that are already on their mind. Here are a few ideas for titles that might capture the interest of potential clients by answering their questions:

  • Troubleshooting Your Gas Heating System
  • When to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner
  • Questions to ask Your Roofing Specialist
  • DIY Seamless Gutter Repairs and When to Call a Pro
  • Weatherproofing Accidents Just Waiting to Happen

Blog Posts for People Working with Contractors

You don’t want to play “bad guy” with the other local contractors, but the truth is that you probably have heard some horror stories about your competition. It’s terribly tacky to call them out by name, but you can use your inside knowledge of their weaknesses to your benefit. Here are some titles that might address the errors of your competition:

  • How to Tell if You’re a Victim of Shoddy Workmanship
  • Activating the Warranty on your New Appliances
  • Replacing Defective Hinges in the Southside Neighborhoods
  • Yikes, who Trimmed the Trees on Main Street?

Blog Posts for People Who Don’t Need a Contractor Yet

Some of the most exciting posts come from simply “talking shop” about your business. You could be tooting your own horn, you could be welcoming new businesses and residents to the community or you could be sharing helpful information about changes in local ordinances or federal requirements. Here are some general blog posts directed toward your community, all of whom are potential clients:

  • Springfield’s Prettiest Kitchens
  • Bathroom Remodels that Raised the Property Value
  • Al’s Hardware is Selling Fluorescent Bulbs at Wholesale for Earth Day
  • Welcome to Maplewood, Ginny’s Daycare
  • Deadline for Community Days is June 10th
  • Congratulations Eagle Scout Tyler Smith

After all of this, you’re probably bursting with ideas for new blog post titles, right? If you’re in a position of having more ideas than time to write, contact us to learn more about how Blogmutt works to fill your blog with quality content. If you’re still not sure what to write about, we can handle that, too — it’s what we do. Let’s get started soon.


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