Using “Newsjacking” to TurboCharge your Content Marketing Efforts

“Ideas catch fire within 48 hours of the story breaking. With this in mind you must strike while the iron is hot.” Grant Hunter; Newsjacking

What is newsjacking? In a nutshell, it means inserting your firm’s ideas or points of view into breaking news to generate media coverage for your brand. Demand for breaking news stories is extremely high, and businesses can, and should use this to their advantage in their content marketing by making relevant contributions to the overall discussion.

Content marketing is one of the most effective methods for improving your search engine ratings and significantly increase traffic to your website. Engaging, relevant content also puts your website (and social media outlets) to work as active generators of qualified leads. But content must also be current and fresh to be relevant.

Why newsjack in your content? For starters, if its in the news, your customers are already searching for information on that news. By referencing the news event (with relevant keywords and links to articles), your blog is now part of the pool of information that they will find. Its the content equivalent of moving your storefront from a hidden sidestreet to prime real estate on the busiest corner in town. Without an increase in rent.

Newsjacking shows your readers that you understand the marketplace and how current events may be effecting them. It is a prime opportunity to share your expertise and to inject your relevant point of view. For example, an investment firm would certainly benefit from newsjacking a USAToday article on a recent stock market rises and what it might mean to their investors. Complete the effort with a link to the article for reference. Add a few keywords, and you have fresh, winning content that shows your readers that you care and are aware. It is simply one of the easiest, and possibly most effective, ways to build consumer affinity, rapport and relevancy for your brand.

Competition for keywords is tight, and using keyword-rich content is not enough to get you noticed by search engines. Newsjacking may help to “bump” your content up in search ratings by making your blog more relevant. You may also manage a branded mention and a backlink from any authors that you reference, further enhancing your search ratings.

It also provides an opportunity to inject a little (appropriate) humor into your content. The news article does not need to even directly relate to your business, if you can relate it to your business, right now. One terrific example of this was Oreo – when the lights went out at the Superbowl, they tweeted (complete with a quick graphic): “You can still dunk in the dark!” It instantly went viral.

Newsjacking is a never-ending source of fresh content. Experts recommend posting fresh content at least once per week, preferably 2-4 times per week. Twitter feeds should include at least 3 tweets per day. Inbound marketing (email) campaigns should include sharing relevant messages and news with your list members at least once per week. That’s a LOT of content. Using relevant news articles, with a short introduction or commentary from you, will provide a steady stream of interesting material that your followers will want to read.

Yes, you are taking advantage of breaking news. It is important to tread lightly in some circumstances, no question. But news is what matters to people. If the news is relevant to your business, it is not only appropriate to talk about it in your content, it is imperative that you do so.

In fact, we newsjacked this story, riding on the coat-tails of 2 recently published books on the subject. If you want to learn more about using this “new” news-based marketing, you may want want to check them out:

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Editor’s note: I’m never sure about starting a post with a quote. I got this one from a BlogMutt writer, and I thought about asking for an edit to start some other way, until I couldn’t think of a reason why. That writer liked it. Many readers like it. The fact that I don’t like it doesn’t really mean much because the blog isn’t for me, it’s for the rest of the world. Sometimes letting go of stuff like that helps me a lot in getting my blogging DONE!. (Here’s an explanation of this series of posts.) – Scott


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