Why Original Blog Content Is Always a Good Decision


This story about a small business owner saying that Groupon was the “single worst decision” she’s ever made for her business is striking.

I’m not here to pile on Groupon. I’ve heard some similar horror stories, but lots of positive stories, too. The decision to use Groupon is kind of like that: a big deal that either pays off, or causes more harm than good. It’s somewhat emotional, and for sure is high profile and a big deal.

The decision to blog? Less emotional. The writer of that story wrote that the business owner was not a total newbie, and as evidence pointed to the fact that she had a blog on her site. Indeed she does, and that was a good decision.

Like so many business owners, I’m guessing that her web designer told her that having a blog is crucial, and that she needs to blog in it regularly. I’m sure she nodded her head and agreed that she would blog every week or so.

Just guessing here, but she probably agreed because as a consumer, she’s found that she likes sites that are current, and have a series of recent blog posts so that she knows the business is still active, and she can learn more about it. That’s part of why she thought a blog would be a good idea for her site.

Then what happened to her is the same thing that’s happened to hundreds of thousands of blog owners. She wrote a couple of posts, then got busy… and then… nothing.

The blog has one post from this year, and it doesn’t have any of the key words that would help people to find her site. I really don’t mean to single her out, this happens over and over and over.

That’s why there’s Blogmutt. The woman who runs that shop needs to get original blog content on to her blog for it to help. It should be written in a casual, accessible style, but still have the keywords that will help build the business.

If she did, slowly but surely the site could become more meaningful to visitors, and more helpful with the search engines. It will not be a big event — good or bad — like a Groupon event. It will, however, become like all good business tools: indispensable.

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