WOOF Compendium: Kittens In Mittens And More!


Contrary to the nursery rhymes, it looks like the three little kittens losing their mittens was a good thing! Contrary to the nursery rhyme, it looks like the three little kittens losing their mittens was a good thing!

Here is your weekly WOOF round-up. Every day of the week, we find a different dictionary from the BlogMutt dictionary collection, and choose a timely word from it! WOOF stands for WOrd of the day from the dictionary OF the day.

Monday: “Cats in mittens catch no mice” — Being overly-polite will not help one achieve her goals. (1993 Dictionary Of Proverbs And Their Origins)

Tuesday: Hearten — To bestow upon another an influence directly from the heart, or to impart new life directly to the heart. From Anglo-Saxon hearte, Dutch hart, Icelandic harjte, Gothic hairto, Sanskrit hrid, Greek καρδία, Russian serdtse. (1917 Crabb’s English Synonyms)

Wednesday: St. Francis of Assisi — (1181 – 1226) Medieval saint, ascetic, and troubadour who eschewed his wealth, and loved god through all living creatures. (1967 Dictionary Of Christian Ethics)

Thursday: Lexicography — The art or practice of writing dictionaries. Though the term “lexicon” is often restricted only to mean a dictionary of Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, or Arabic. (1963 Usage And Abusage: A Guide To Good English)

Friday: Wassailer — A heavy drinker. [In use since the early 1600s] (1981 Slang And Euphemism)

Courtney Tobin

I love ancient languages like Greek and Latin, but modern ones are pretty interesting, too! So working with the written word every day and helping Verblio customers get the content they need is really enjoyable. If I’m not reading Homer or Horace, I’m usually figuring out how everything at Verblio can be even more awesome.

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