10 Tumblr Accounts to Inspire Another Version of You Somewhere Out There in a Parallel Universe


Tumblr doesn’t get much love among social media channels. It should. The mobile app is gorgeous and easy to navigate. The content is as good as anything on Instagram. And unlike Instagram, comments don’t take up half the screen. Oh, and the ads are not nearly as invasive as those on Twitter or Facebook.

When companies adopt social channels into their marketing, people call it
“progressive”. But really, it’s an obvious move. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram drive voluminous amounts of traffic. But when a company signs on to Tumblr and makes a go of it, that takes commitment.

Today’s #MuttLine highlights those companies getting it done on Tumblr. And the second part of the MuttLine is a mind-expanding perspective on the multiverse and the validity of its existence.

10 Tumblr Accounts to Inspire Your Own Social Media Strategy

If you’re feeling a bit disenfranchised about your company’s social media efforts, this is a much needed collection to change all that.


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Ask Ethan #73: The Multiverse and you:

Is there another version of you somewhere out there in a parallel Universe?

This is not an easy read. But it’ll make for incredible conversation fodder around the dinner table tonight. And the best part: the ending to this article has a beautiful perspective on what the notion of a multiverse means to you and how to live your life.

If you read anything, read the last section.


(Image credit: Tim Warre of http://freeenglishlessonplans.com/2013/02/27/parallel-universe-3rd-conditional-conversation-practice/)

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