3 Content Marketing Insights Worth Sharing

There’s a metric ton of content marketing tips worth checking out, but simply not enough time in the day to keep track of them all. Of all the great pieces of advice, direction and information, here were the nuggets from yesterday we thought were worth sharing.

1. “Tug Those Heartstrings”

From MarketingProfs comes this infographic “Five Ways to Create Content that Reigns” with advice on speaking to your B2B or B2C customers. You’ve gotta make them “feel feelings” if you expect any of your customers to have an emotional connection to you or your brand.

2. 53% of content marketers don’t measure ROI

From Jeff Bullas’ “What is the State of Content Marketing for 2015?” comes a quick summary of the state of content marketing. Wanna differentiate yourself from half the competition? Measure ROI. Bullas also includes B2Bs top content marketing goals (#1: Brand Awareness) and a host of other telling statistics concerning the state of content.

3. “You’ll need a number of skills to master content marketing. The most important of them is teaching.”

From Convince and Convert, an unexpected skill that almost never gets mentioned in content marketing: teaching. Think about the tenets of good teaching. Or think of your favorite teacher. What did the possess that made them great? Did they listen? Did they challenge you to think? Were the conscientious of your needs?

This is a great post written by Berry Feldman and worth reading as teaching is a skill that rarely gets mentioned in content marketing circles.


Pat Armitage

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