5 Sales Tips My Kids Learned from Watching ’50 Shades of Grey’


Typically, the #MuttLine is a hybrid post concerning an informative marketing article and a completely random, moderately interesting, maybe funny, and perhaps though-provoking article culled somewhere from the dark corners of the Internet.

Today we’re taking a different tack and including an informative article on sales. Because you’re not a thought leader until you start banging that tired drum of telling people to merge sales and marketing and not think of them as distinct silos.

The ongoing struggle to merge sales and marketing will be our generation’s great(est?) struggle in corporate America. Even our friends at HubSpot, when rolling out their new CRM, can’t avoid the trap of two dashboards: one for sales and one for marketing.

muttline Even HubSpot can’t avoid the trap of separate dashboards for sales and marketing.

So let’s just embrace the fact that sales and marketing can’t be merged and try creating a corporate culture that educates marketers about sales and sales about marketing. Send your sales folks to a marketing conference. Send your marketing folks to a sales conference.

The idea of merging sales and marketing is an inspired idea, but too intractable considering how people self-identify as a “salesperson” or a “marketer”.

Onto the #MuttLine.

5 Sales Tips My Kids Learned from Watching Shark Tank


“Shark Tank” is one of those shows you either love or hate, depending on your opinion of Mark Cuban. But the lessons from “Shark Tank” are excellent takeaways for sales, and really, life (not to get too deep on it).

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France is letting 12-year-olds see Fifty Shades of Grey


Ha! Sorry, you cannot escape the “50 Shades” media push as the 40%-rated (thanks rottentomatoes.com) movie opens in theaters on Valentine’s Day. Crap book. Crap movie. And it’ll probably make more than half the Best Picture nominees.

One minute we’re saluting the French and reading books about their child-rearing and the next we’re stunned by their laissezfaire attitudes toward sex.

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