7 Traditional Productivity Tools For The Modern Blogger

Without a doubt, there are some amazing apps and digital tools out there. We’ve already shared a few that will help you annihilate your to-do list and become a more productive blogger. Yet, we’ve previously overlooked some basic traditional tools that continue to propel blogs to success that tend to fly lower on the radar.

We’ve compiled seven time-tested, traditional (and some may say old-school) productivity tools for the modern blogger that will help you become more efficient in your blogging…and your life.

#1 Planner

An 8×11 planner that includes the months and each week of the year is an effective tool to organizing, scheduling, and gaining a holistic view of your content strategy in one location.

Bonus: You also have enough space to include your personal goals, family events, and other business objectives making this your one-stop source for planning. Using different colored pens can assist in differentiating among your various goals and agendas.


#2 Stopwatch

Working with a set timer during your writing or other tasks helps you remain focused and stay on track. Rather than working two hours straight, a good practice is to take a five-minute breather after working 25 minutes. This helps improve your mental agility, bolstering performance and concentration.

#3 Merriam-Webster

Leveraging a dictionary and thesaurus are vital tools for any blogger to enrich their content.

Thesauruses can help add variety and depth to avoid repetitive words used throughout your post. Dictionaries confirm the meaning and spelling of words you may be unsure of and sometimes includes information on its usage, translations, and more.

Merriam-Webster has editions that include both tools in one. Every writer should have these physical tools within their reach.


#4 Whiteboard

Planning your day the night before, writing it down, and making it viewable so you see it the following morning is one practice to keeping your goals top-of-mind. The traditional dry-erase whiteboard serves as an excellent reminder tool for your to-do tasks.

You could also use it for a calendar, to brainstorm blogging ideas (especially with your team), and post an inspirational quote for the day.

#5 Notebook

Highly successful people always carry a notebook and write everything down.  Have you ever been out during lunch break and a winning idea comes to mind? Having a notebook is essential to capture those “million-dollar” ideas or blogging topics that appeal to your audience that you think of on-the-go.

Instead of trying to remember everything, just write it down. You’ll make your life that much easier.

#6 High-Energy Snacks

In lieu of your must-have morning café, try fueling your body with proper nutrition that provides the brain with energy and stamina needed to work toward your goals.

Indulge in snacks like bananas, almonds, and fruit to give you the sustainable boost you need to blog and function at your best.


#7 Radio

Does music boost your creative juices? Play your favorite song or genre of music to get you excited while writing. Whether it’s Beyoncé, classical guitar, Latin pop music, or perhaps just instrumentals, turn on the radio to get you pumped and ready to achieve your blogging goals.

Even in a digital world, these traditional tools still work and are highly effective in helping you achieve your blogging and marketing goals. Try mixing a few of these tools with your favorite blogging apps for an eclectic productivity experience.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done using these tried-and-true, “old-school” technologies.


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