A Blog Writing Service that Goes to Eleven


It’s been a bit more than five years since Wade Green and I started BlogMutt in a tiny office upstairs from an Irish pub. We didn’t get a lot of work done on St. Patrick’s Day because the whole office shook as the Irish step dancers did their thing.


Well, here we are. Still in an upstairs office, but one that’s a bit more stable (not to mention a little less loud). And soon we’ll move to yet another upstairs office, one in an actual office building.

Why does this matter to you?

Well, simple.

In the early days it was somewhat of a leap of faith to hire a blog writing service named for a dog of unknown ancestry. The site looked a little iffy, and there weren’t all that many writers.

One of the companies that took a chance on us in those days was an early version of Sworkit, a fitness app from two business visionaries, Benjamin Young and Greg Coleman.

(True story: They were BlogMutt customers before BlogMutt was a BlogMutt customer. In the earliest days I wrote all of our posts, in part because we didn’t have enough writers to take care of our customers, and us. After a couple of months of struggling to get our blogging done at Wade’s urging I finally turned on the BlogMutt writers for our blog, and I got to have the same great feeling that our customers had: Relief! Our posts were done! Every week! It was wonderful, and still is.)

Like BlogMutt, Sworkit has grown, matured, and become a leading fitness app, and recently made it on to Shark Tank, where the company got an investment from Mark Cuban. They are smart business operators, and part of that is knowing what to keep in house, and what to hire out. We are just as proud as we can be to know that we were a small part of the successful formula for Sworkit.

Evolution of a blog writing service

So, it’s been five years for us serving customers like Sworkit.

These days, we still have the same mutty name, but the logo and the site have evolved and now are so professional that it’s clear we are a real company providing a real service.

And when you look at our staff page, and see that there are 10 people there, each one clearly doing great work in their respective areas, well, it can give you the confidence that you need to know that BlogMutt is working hard on behalf of clients and writers.

It’s a striking number… 10. We have 10 full-time employees right now, and we are actively hiring for two other openings right now.

But that’s not our only “10.” We also just passed the inclusion of our 10,000th writer onto the BlogMutt platform. Over the last five years we’ve had 10,000 different writers pass our tricky writing test and earn BlogMutt writing privileges.

If you are one of the thousands of customers who’ve used BlogMutt over the last five years, you know what great work they can do.

Business has been on fire this year, we’re growing really fast, so very soon we’ll be at 11, and then beyond that. I’m just not sure you can go past 11.

In the meantime, we’ll keep turning it up.


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