How B2B Companies Can Link Marketing with Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Outfit


A great game deserves a great #MuttLine. And besides, we wanted something a little more fun to help you forget about all those ads forcing us to feel feelings when all you really wanted to do was overeat and overdrink (not a word).

How B2B Companies Can Link Marketing with Sales

The big takeaway here is all about marketing automation changing how we create and customize content. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t engage a savvier customer anymore (especially a customer not easily enamored by a Jeff Bridges’ SquareSpace ad).


Here Are All the Ways the Internet Mocked Katy Perry’s Super Bowl Outfit

Last Super Bowl reference for 364 days!

A little something for everyone here: wrestling fans, fans of burning their tongue off (and they will!), fans of deeply disappointing Will Ferrell movies, fans of a guy who’s celebrity continues to remain inexplicable…you get the idea. And on a sadder note, this is what passes as “news” now at the once-revered “Time” magazine.



#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.



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