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Blogging for dentists sounds like it should be simple: throw out some facts, and urge people to brush their teeth. “Four out of five dentists agree, brush and floss after every meal!” They never tell you what the fifth dentist suggests, do they? Dentists, however, are about so much more than just brushing and flossing. Here are some subjects that will help give your blog some teeth:

blogging for dentistsTMJ/TMD

TMJ and TMD are used interchangeably, but TMJ is the temporomandibular joint while TMD is temporomandibular joint disorder. Many people who have unexplained headaches or sudden toothaches that seem to feel a little better when the temple or jaw joint is massaged, are experiencing TMD.

TMD has many treatments available depending on how bad it is, most of which are non-invasive. Most patients, however, think only of the extreme situations that require surgery. As a result, they keep popping pain-killers, unaware of the long-term damage that they could be causing themselves (elevated blood pressure due to chronic pain, elevated stress levels that could lead to grinding of the teeth at night, depression, etc.). They don’t realize that in many cases, a simple treatment of alternating hot and cold packs a couple of times a day can relieve the problem quite effectively. Their dentists might have other non-surgical things they can do at home.


Many people want that bright white smile they see in magazines, even if they know it’s a digitally altered image. Teeth bleaching is their way to this ideal, but they usually want it fast — overnight if possible. Well, it’s not possible without doing damage to the enamel. In general, dentists recommend bleaching at six month intervals for home kits to one year intervals for a professional whitening.

It’s also important to know that not every tooth stain will respond to whitening treatments. Patients can lose heart if they’ve tried everything but still have staining. They should learn about extrinsic stains (stains on the surface) and intrinsic stains (stains under the enamel).

Comfortable Dental Care?

A lot of people have terrible memories of going to the dentist. The worst thing they remember is usually the shot. They may avoid the dentist altogether because of this childhood memory. They do not realize that children’s nerves are more sensitive than adult nerves, and the excruciating pain they felt when they were six will most likely come across as simply intense discomfort for a few moments as adults. Dentists who offer sedation dentistry can help a patient avoid the whole unpleasantness altogether.

Some patients find the environment much more relaxing when they have headphones with which to listen to a variety of musical selections while they’re being worked on. Others enjoy the visual distraction of an overhead TV to watch. It takes their minds off of the idea that they’re at the dreaded dentist’s office!

The New Face of Dentistry

Thanks to advances in dental technology and procedures, the dental world has changed dramatically. Numbing and sedation agents have become more efficient and less painful, procedures have become faster and less invasive, and the overall environment has become more relaxing and less stress-inducing. The more people become aware of this, the less worrisome a trip to the dentist will be!

Like any business, dentistry has not remained static. Dental, medical, and other highly skilled fields are in a constant state of development. Staying abreast of new developments and creative uses of existing procedures and technology can make a company’s blog stand out from those that have devolved into little more than promotional articles. Contact us for blog posts you can sink your teeth into!


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