Blogging for SMS Marketing: “Geofencing and SMS Marketing”


At BlogMutt, our writers are not only capable of writing about different industries, but also about niche topics within. Consider this blog post that discusses the broad industry of SMS marketing, along with the niche topic of geofencing.

Since text messages provide little room for design or aesthetic creativity, SMS marketing relies on content, context, and timing. Although text messages may not be visually spectacular, they allow businesses to send short, effective messages to subscribers that may result in immediate sales.

Geofencing is a feature of SMS marketing that makes a 160 character text message so effective in a buyer’s purchasing decision. Geofencing allows businesses to send blogging for sms marketingmarketing text messages to subscribers when they enter a certain location or during a specific time in the day. Common examples of geofencing in SMS marketing is to send a coupon to subscribers when they enter a 5 mile radius of your business, or to send a quick message about your restaurant’s dinner specials at 6:00 P.M. on a Saturday night.

A recent Huffington Post article discusses geofencing and how businesses can use the feature to lure subscribers into their stores.

“Geofencing is a popular tactic to ensure relevant text messages are sent to subscribers when they’re within a virtual boundary like a store location or a certain region. This way if a customer is passing through the mall or near your store, your business can text them your latest coupon, offer or message ensuring a better chance your customers will take advantage of your messaging due to the context in which they received it.”

Geofencing may be a good option if your business is conveniently located nearby other stores or in a mall. Companies that are not located in heavily frequented areas can still use this feature by sending SMS messages out at a specific time, rather than sending them when customers are in a specific place. Another feature of geofencing is its flexibility, so depending on their industry and subscriber base, businesses can choose how to adapt geofencing to fit their brand identity.

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