Blogging For Landscaping Can Give Your Business Better Curb Appeal

by Ken Bradford

landscaping businessThe weather is warming up and people’s thoughts are turning to their yards. Since most people have no idea where to find their copy of the Yellow Pages, they simply go to Google to find help with their landscaping projects. Will they find your business? A well-designed business blog can be your most valuable business asset. Let’s look at ways blogging for a landscaping business can give your business better curb appeal.

Traditional Advertising Just Doesn’t Work Anymore

There are many marketing strategies available to you, including direct mail, flyers, and other print advertising materials. The problem is that these marketing materials usually end up in the landfill. Consumers want to be in total control of buying decisions. By providing useful information to help people make better decisions, you are viewed as someone who cares about their business. This allows people to choose you instead of you trying to force your services on them.

Business Blogging Is All About Building Relationships

Acquiring one new customer can be five times more expensive than retaining a current customer. This makes it critical for a landscaping business to retain a loyal customer base. A well designed business blog can help build long lasting relationships and also help you gather word-of-mouth referrals at no extra cost.

So, Just What Does A Landscaping Business Blog About?

The simple answer is that you should write about things people want to know. By giving away some valuable information to people who are searching for it, you are establishing your expertise in the area of landscaping. There are many topics to keep your blog filled with relevant information, including:

  • Design Ideas: Landscaping is all about aesthetics. When people are looking for design ideas, your blog posts will get their attention. By showcasing your ideas with a few pictures of completed projects, you can demonstrate your skills.
  • Problems & Solutions: Many people will be searching online for solutions to problems with weeds or garden pests. If you write down all the questions you’ve been asked about these topics, you’ll have enough ideas to create quite a number of blog posts.
  • How-To: Instead of telling people to call you about weed problems, give them some information to help get rid of the dandelions in the hosta bed. Simple How To blog posts will let people know that you are a professional. It will go a long way in building your reputation as an expert landscaper.

Answers to the most common landscaping problems can already be found somewhere online. Why not make it possible for people to find their answers on your blog?

There certainly doesn’t seem to be a shortage of landscaping businesses. In a highly-competitive business that can be extremely seasonal, the marketing of your business is critical to survival. Your business blog will help you rise above the crowd and make competition less of a problem.

Contact us today and we’ll start writing blog posts to help you better communicate with current customers and future prospects. At BlogMutt, we understand the importance of curb appeal.

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