Blogmutt, As seen in the Wall Street Journal and a Robot Dinosaur’s Tweet?!?!?


One other small note about our new layout:

It’s become a cliche that every newish website needs to put on its homepage any media coverage it can get. It gives a patina of credibility, something all start-up companies need.

So, we are doing that, too, down on the bottom left of the home page.

It does help. We provide a great service, and have lots of satisfied customers, but people need to know that they are providing $79 a month to a legitimate operation.

So what’s with the robot dinosaur? It’s simple. In this day and age, trust comes in a variety of ways. Some big, old media trusted us enough to cover us and that was great.

Then three people we look up to a lot, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld and Eric Ries, all trusted the internet sensation known as FAKE GRIMLOCK with their blog real estate, and then Grim trusted us enough to tweet about Blogmutt.

Now, this is a dinosaur who eats humans he considers dull, so we were pleased on a couple of levels when he tweeted that.

And in our attempt to keep from becoming Dino-Chow, we have given Grim the same status that we’ve given to the Wall St. Journal and Inc. Magazine.

Think about it… what’s really the difference between the three? It’s true that we don’t know exactly who FAKE GRIMLOCK is, but do we really know anything about who runs Inc. Magazine? We know who owns the Wall Street Journal, and we trust that paper in spite of the ownership.

Anyway, we hope it works, and we hope we don’t get eaten.

Maybe this will help: go buy some posters!

Chicken from Fake Grimlock


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