Can Content and Blogging Actually Generate a War Inside Van Halen?


Today’s #MuttLine finds two articles that should put a little “Jump” in your sales while providing a little perspective on Van Halen’s demise.

Can Content and Blogging Actually Generate Sales?



It’s a questions we get all the time. Does blogging work? More specifically, does blogging bring in sales? We’ve long believed it does. But sometimes we need to go outside of BlogMutt and find other people who share our same sentiment.

This article from Inc. not only justifies a blog’s impact on sales, it provides a 12-point checklist on how to create a blog that drives sales.

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The Private Photo Shoot that Sparked a War Inside Van Halen

My journalism professor always said that if you want to read about ego and drama, skip the Hollywood gossip section and read the business section. You won’t find bigger egos and the struggle for power anyplace else…well, perhaps one other place. The music industry. So many great bands have been ravaged by ego. Van Halen is just one in a long line of bands that split over ego and power.

This blog article from Medium is a fascinating look inside a photo shoot that doomed the band and continues to foment bad blood between “Diamond” David Lee Roth and the other band members.

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