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buy blog postsIf you are in the consulting or training business, you know conflict is a reality in the workplace that can cost the company significant money. In the Business Conflict Blog, they analyze a survey of the Fortune 1000 companies. The blog states that the companies see mediation and informal approaches to early resolution of conflicts as a valuable management tool, and a way to save their companies lost time and money. However, most people are not trained in conflict management, so companies hire consultants or trainers.

If you are trained in conflict management, let it be known! People need your help. Include blogs on your webpage that show you understand how to train in conflict resolution and management. Include information with the sources and approaches you might use.

Below is a sample blog that would demonstrate how you might approach such training.


Do you think about how to build a great workplace? Do you think about how to have a workplace without conflicts that cost the business time and money? Do you use the best approaches with handling conflict?

Start with understanding how to help employees working through conflicts. Business Management recognizes that the first need is to minimize the potential for conflict.

Alan Godwin, a psychologist who specializes in conflict resolution and management, describes a process that minimizes potential for conflict. According to Godwin, in order to have a great workplace, everyone needs to understand that:

  • Relationships involve conflict. We might not like it, but in the workplace, there will be conflicts.
  • The workplace will be great when people know how to handle conflict. This means that people need to learn to work through conflicts and how to communicate in the middle of conflicts.

Business Management states the second need is to coach team members and see the positives.

What will this look like in a workplace after successful coaching?

  • People will argue, but instead of pushing buttons and lashing out at each other, they will commit to work through the problem.
  • People will settle arguments and then let them go instead of bringing them up again.
  • People will work together and strive to work well together — even if they don’t agree.
  • People seek to learn more about conflicts and how to work well together within the conflicts.

So, how do you build a great workplace where everyone can productively work through conflicts? Start by understanding conflict and deliberately talking through potential conflicts before they happen. Devote some time to training that will proactively solve conflicts before they happen.

Wondering how to design that type of training for your workplace? Just contact us and let’s talk.


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