Should you hire a full-time Copywriter or Not: Three Reasons to Use a Blog-writing Service Instead


If you run an online business, you need a copywriter. This is someone who can write what you need, when you need it, with the right amount of SEO (keywords, etc.) used at the right time. So the question is not: “Do you need a copywriter?” but rather it is: “Do you need a full-time copywriter or not?”

If you are supplying content on a regular basis for your business blog, here are three reasons to turn to a blog writing service instead:

1) A full-time staff writer is expensive! If you hire one full-time writer, they will be there anytime you need them, but you will pay for it. The average full-time writer of web content gets around $75,000 per year writing regularly for one company. So this is putting a lot of your budget in one place regarding content writing.

2) Variety is important. The TV industry has recently opened its doors to allowing freelance writers to submit content and show ideas if you have the right connections. They feel variety is important. And so should you. If you have one writer writing all of your content all of the time, it may seem stale to the reader. After a while, they get to know the voice of the writer and may grow bored with the same old copy. No matter how good your staff writer is, over time, it may lack the freshness that you get by hiring multiple writers on an “on demand” basis.

copywriter3) Blog writers are there when you need them. Just like the full-time writer, independent blog writers are there when you need them, but you only pay when you request an article. There’s no “down time,” and you are paying for only content that you see and approve before purchase. Many business are opting to hire independent contractors for their writing needs these days, rather than a full-time writer, so they only pay for what is actually written, as they need content.

So you have a choice to make: spend a lot of the company budget for a full-time writer, or get it for fractions of the cost by hiring several copywriters through a blog-writing service. It’s just smarter to focus your efforts (and your budget) where it will do the most good.

A blog writing service for your business gives you the best of both worlds: great copywriters at low cost, who operate on a pay-as-you-go type arrangement, rather than paying monthly for a staff writer, whether they write that month or not.

Smart businesses know where to fund their outsourced work and when. So rather than hire a full-time copywriter, consider a blog writing services for your business. You’ll get the same quality you expect of a professional copywriter, anytime you need it, without the hefty price tag. If we can help give you some direction on getting the best writers for less, contact us.

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