How To Start A Blog Challenge, Month #7: Get Organized


You writing fiend.

Here we are, back for more advice on how to start a blog successfully. You’re doing it, champ.

Last month, we checked in after six months of developing healthy content development habits and introduced the concept of outsourcing half your posts each month. (Imagine having to write eight entire posts per month yourself! The horror!)

(Of course, we had to plug BlogMutt, since we do specialize in getting content done and off our customers’ plates for nearly every industry out there. Just a suggestion. Give it a shot.)

This month, we’re turning our attention to organization. You’ve learned to defend your writing time when composing blog posts, and began to perfect the art of outsourcing (an ongoing process, I assure you).

Now, let’s pull it together into a process. Sound good?




1. Establish an editorial calendar running through the end of the year.

Blogging (or good blogging, I should say) involves more planning beyond just the end of your nose. Having a projection of where you’d like to take your blogging for the remainder of the year and looking at your posting strategy with some discipline and structure will do you great good.

Luckily, we’ve got a handy dandy template in Excel spreadsheet form that’ll start you off strong, so get downloading, tiger.


2. Write four blog posts, outsource the other four.

Remember, the new normal is writing four blog posts and delegating four blog posts. See? Doesn’t delegation feel good, boss?



3. Fill out your brand-spanking-new calendar with your ideas.

Use every brainstormed blog idea list to do it. (And keep the list alive on the ‘Blog Post Ideas’ tab!)

Mark yourself as the writer if you want to write it, and designate the rest to your freelancer(s).

Need help getting started with a writer? This guide‘ll show you the way.

Keep on keepin’ on. Stay challenged, stay vigilant, stay content-thirsty, my friends. We’ll see you right back here next month.



(Want a preview of the rest of the months? Or just a printable checklist to keep you honest? Download or print the full guide here.)


Kali Bizzul

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