Is Writing for Blogmutt a Scam? No.


It’s a fair question: Is Writing for Blogmutt a Scam? The answer is no.

We know there are tons of scams out there, trying to get writers to work for nothing, or next to nothing. I’m a writer, and I founded Blogmutt with the idea that it would be helpful for businesses and a new source of pay, professional development, and personal growth for writers.

The pay writers get working for Blogmutt is not fabulous. Probably nobody will be able to do it and be able to take what we pay and buy a big house in the suburbs and send four kids to college.

That said, we think that the best writers in the Blogmutt system will be able to make more than they could writing similar quantities of words for one of the “content farms.”

If someone thinks it is a scam, it may be because we ask writers to create words that may never get used on the internet. This is not something we hide from; indeed, we embrace it. If a writer just writes text and it gets posted, that writer never really learns anything about what works best. With our system, small businesses pick only the writing that works best, in part by using the tools provided by Blogmutt.

If a writer produces post after post that never gets picked, we anticipate that they will go out and declare that Blogmutt is a scam. This may come as a shock to some people, but writers can have big egos ;-). They may insist that the words they typed in were pure spun gold, and it could only be a vast global scamocracy that kept them from getting paid for their work.

The reality is that the kind of writing demanded by Blogmutt is writing that serves a couple of purposes: keeping the Internet Gods happy while also being helpful and informative for small businesses and their prospective customers and clients. Not everyone can write well with those ideas in mind, but some people can, however, and so for them Blogmutt is not a scam, but is a new and welcome source of income.

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