#MuttLine: A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Beauty Tips to Young Girls


#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

Today’s MuttLine found a kick-ass approach to writing blog headlines and beauty tips. Don’t hate the MuttLine because it’s beautiful.


A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles

If 8 out of 10 people read your headline and only 2 out of 10 read your blog, the jury’s in: the headline is more important than the blog. The vast majority are reading your headlines, so make it worth their while.

Now obviously, it’s important that the blog content support a great headline, but facts are facts.

So what goes into a good headline? When you consider how important a headline is, do yourself the favor of reading this piece from HubSpot guest blogger Corey Eridon.

American Voices: Lego Magazine Offers Beauty Tips to Young Girls

The Onion‘s running bit, American Voices, weighs in on a recent Lego Club Magazine kerfuffle. For some reason, Lego veered from their lane and started advising young girls on hair and beauty tips. Why? Who knows. But The Onion tries to explain.

Pat Armitage

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