For Agencies: 7 Reasons A Blog Is The Ideal New Business Development Tactic

Is your agency blog being neglected and costing you clients?

After all, your blog is an ideal new business development tactic for agencies. So what are you telling potential clients in your blog? That you’re a successful, thriving agency with a plethora of creativity and expertise to offer, or that you’re played-out and behind the times? Your blog really can make this strong of an impression, so when you’re working on ramping up your agency, new business development should begin with your blog.

Business development tactics have changed, and if that wasn’t enough, ad agencies already have a difficult road ahead. It’s challenging finding your target audience, and knowing how to reach them can be an even greater struggle. However, a blog, when done right, creates real opportunities for engaging current clients as well as gaining new ones. But that’s not all. There are a ton of business-boosting benefits to starting a blog, so keep reading to get the full scoop on this prime marketing tool.


Reason #1: Exhibit Your Work


Premier agency Wieden + Kennedy London has some notable clients, and it’s not solely due to their innovation. They also showcase their talent firsthand on their blog, which is high caliber both in terms of its presentation and its content. The blog presents advertising strategies for other businesses, but W + K also uses the platform to display their recent ad campaigns so potential clients can see exactly what they’re about.


When you have a sleek, stellar blog full of engaging and relevant content, you’re showing your best work to potential customers. You’re creating top-notch content that draws people in and keeps them reading, which gives you more traffic, enabling you to both find your market and sell your services, all in one place.

Reason #2: Increase Your SEO

Gone are the days where you could just throw out a bunch of sloppy, keyword-stuffed pages and expect your website to rank higher in Google. Search engines have gotten smarter—a lot smarter. If your content is shoddily made or clearly only black-hat nonsense, you’re going to be penalized.

Today’s SEO standards mean that the only way to rank higher and receive the traffic that comes with that ranking is by creating outstanding content. Keywords are important, yes, but far more essential is writing that is relevant and engaging. This kind of content keeps people reading on your site, lowering your bounce rate and helping boost that rating organically.

 Reason #3: Create Thought Leadership

New business development ideas are being hatched every day. The thought leaders of marketing are the ones who are offering unique, innovative points of view. The world will always open up to innovators, so you need to be one.

Take what you’ve learned in your business and put it out there for other agencies and clients to see how you’ve conquered challenges and how you’re spearheading change. This sets apart your content and positions you as a thought leader.

Reason #4: Build Awareness

There are people out there who need your advertising expertise but don’t even know they need it. Blogging can help open those blind eyes so that they see what’s been missing in their business, and can turn to you for help. Being aware of a need is the first step to finding the necessary assistance, so create that awareness with your blog and then offer a compelling call-to-action.

For instance, blogging on topics such as “what you’re doing wrong with your small business” piques the curiosity of small business owners who want to grow their company. A topic like this provides you with the opportunity to plug your own agency.

Reason #5: Differentiate Yourself

Many B2B agencies have trouble keeping a blog simply due to the sheer hassle of maintaining it. This means there are agencies out there whose blogs are full of content that is irrelevant now due to technological advances, and no one wants to hire an advertising agency that can’t keep up with current marketing trends.

Your blog is your chance to shine. More and more companies are hiring multiple marketing agencies for their needs, so you have to make yourself an invaluable asset. Creating a stand-out site with unparalleled content sets you apart as an expert, allowing you to become a go-to agency in the advertising world.

Reason #6: Sell Your Marketing

Winning new business is much easier when you have a portfolio to show. People need to see what you have to offer, not just have it described to them. A blog is a fantastic way to accomplish this, as clients see exactly what kind of content marketing you offer and how you can help them achieve their business goals.

Reason #7: Keep From Falling Into the Re-Post Trap

There are a lot of high-powered, innovative blogs out there, and their content is worth sharing. But re-posting another company’s blog on your social media outlets isn’t nearly as effective or powerful as posting your own content. Again, people want to see innovators. If you’re redirecting people to other blogs, you’re losing a ton of traffic and possible sales. Point people to your own blog, and keep that traffic for yourself.

Every advertising agency new business strategy needs to be approached from several angles to make the greatest impact. Creating an exceptional blog is a crucial step in the process, but be sure to keep your social media outlets updated as well. All of your digital outlets are interwoven, but the blog is your centerpiece for premiering your work and converting lookers into buyers.


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