Small Business Tools to Backup Your Blogs (and other data)


Keeping copies of blogs and other important data is just as important as creating it. Backing up files, protecting, and recovering them should be easy and effortless. However, using storage media like USB drives and external hard drives, can fail over time. There are backup and disaster recovery tools that are made for storing and retrieving files, with an extra dose of protection. Add the small business tools for backup and disaster recovery to your collection.

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Autonomy is a one-stop shop. The company provides everything from online backup and security, to data and disaster recovery. What makes it stand out from other companies is that it focuses on marketing, computing, and meaning-based governance solutions. Additionally, these services are made for data-centric global companies. It backs up large virtual environments of information, complete with data de-duplication, and key escrow encryption. Autonomy’s features include LiveVault, DeltaRestore, TurboRestore Appliance, and Data Shuttle Services.


The Utah-based management firm is rapidly growing. With disaster recovery, data backup, server, desktop, and virtual server products, it aims for concentration over flexibility. Their systems are for everyone. Pick your poison: an IT edition of the software on your USB drive, a cloud image manager, a suite of tools for IT professionals, and basic backup/storage/recovery protection.

CA Technologies

The ARCserve Replication software from CA Technologies can handle anything. It works for all kinds of operating systems, supports virtual and physical servers, and it’s flexible. It also has a physical-to-virtual server migration tool that transfers information from physical servers to the cloud.

VirtaCore Systems

Asigra’s VirtaCore Systems is a pretty good choice for enterprise companies. It supports data backup, disaster recovery, and backing up of cloud data. It supports cross-platforms, local recovery, and remote recovery for all cloud types. Combine it with Cisco, VMware, and Google cloud tools for maximum cloud solutions.

Flux Data Services

Don’t count out Flux Data Services because it’s a smaller company than the others. They offer advanced data and disaster recovery services. It’s a great solution for anyone looking to transition to online backup. Their affordable pricing of powerful backup services sets them apart from other companies: two gigabytes of files for one dollar a month. Small and midsize companies will love this.


The Rebit Company introduced Rebit5: great software for homes and small businesses to rely on. Effortlessly backup, store, and recover your files either in the cloud, or on storage media online or offline. Choose what to backup and how often; even backup your operating system. Recover as much or as little as you want. Keep copies of older files along with the new ones. They even offer a hard drive for purchase! Choose from three package bundles that offer tons of features at a reasonable price.

Be sure to get an online backup or disaster recovery solution with a good reputation. Your business is at stake, so don’t reach for a company that doesn’t deliver.

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