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According to HubSpot, Facebook has announced that — in the coming weeks — it will be enabling clickable hashtags. The hashtags are intended to assist with Facebook’s problem regarding content discovery: As in, it’s sometimes hard to find what you’re looking for on Facebook. Until now, that is. What will hashtags mean in the world of social media for small business? A lot, Pamela Vaughan of HubSpot reports.

  • The hashtags will be searchable, and those originating from other services — such as Instagram or Twitter — will be clickable on Facebook.
  • New posts can be created from within the hashtag feed and hashtags can be added to the Facebook ads you’re running.
  • When a Facebook user clicks on a hashtag, they’ll be able to see a feed of posts containing the same hashtag.

Vaughan wrote that all of these new changes will let businesses use Facebook in a great new way, as yet another discoverable channel in which to promote their products and services and to centralize engagement with their content. She encourages marketers to be sure to create unique hashtags, make hashtags available for the public to view, incorporate industry or branded keywords, and to promote the hashtag by adding it to other marketing channels.

Happy about Facebook Hashtags to help social media for small business How happy are we about Facebook Hashtags to help social media for small business? Happy as a mutt finding out he gets to go for a walk.

Facebook states that this is just one of several changes to take place in the coming weeks and months in order to help people find information on the topics they’re interested in and the public conversations they wish to join. Other changes include a list of trending hashtags and deeper insights.

We are excited that Facebook has just made the world of marketing on social media easier for businesses. After they yanked the rug out from so many businesses when they started charging businesses to reach their own fans, this is welcome news.

Editor’s Note: Awesome — and fast! — post from a relatively new BlogMutt writer. The writing is almost always great with BlogMutt writers, but I especially love the posts where I learn about something new from the post, as I did with this one. Just fantastic.Hashtags are just one more way to let the world know about your products or services. A great blog is another, and isn’t subject to the whims of some social network over which you have no control. For more information about how blogging can help your business, contact us.

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