How Social Media Has Revolutionized Marketing For Small Businesses


By Tavia Burden

In recent years, the marketing industry has seen no greater revolution than that of social media for small business. The concept of social media has made it possible for businesses to reach infinite potential customers without spending a fortune on marketing campaigns. For the first time in the history of mass media, this has allowed small businesses to reach just as many viewers as larger corporations without breaking their budgets.

social media for small businessSocial media has created an entirely new market for advertising, which has practically rebuilt its concept. Long gone are the days when companies would use their contact with the public simply to shine the spotlight on their products. More and more companies are actually finding success by providing informative and entertaining social media posts, and by featuring topics that relate to a key aspect of their company. In a recent study, Shareaholic found that social-media advertising increased traffic to businesses and personal blogs by 30 percent. This could mean a substantial increase in page views and revenue for a company that is new to social-media advertisement.

Marketing this way lets the public learn about the values of a company, and not just its products. Social media posts market a company less like a business and more like a lifestyle. For example, when a person likes a hardware store on Facebook, that person is not necessarily doing this to track discounted prices. In fact, it is more likely that he is simply looking for inspiration for home renovations, or innovative projects to occupy his spare time. The types of posts that feature this information, in turn, become a great form of advertisement. In fact, according to a study by Social Media Examiner, 72 percent of social-media marketers feel as if they have been able to develop loyal fans. While these fans may not presently be looking to purchase a product, they will be more likely to show brand loyalty in the future.

Social media also allows for a trickle-down effect, by allowing followers to repost or retweet a company’s articles, allowing a company’s followers to become the company’s advertisers. Because of this, businesses do not necessarily need large campaigns to reach wide audiences.

Instead, businesses need interesting blog posts related to their core values, which will lead to further advertisements and social-media sharing. In this way, blogging has the modern channel of marketing to the mainstream, with an increase in the number of posts per term correlating with an increase in site visits. In the above-mentioned study, Social Media Examiner also claims that a whopping 80 percent of businesses feel that their social media efforts are met with increased traffic. This is only one of the many statistics that supports social media as a leading form of marketing.

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