Success Using HubSpot: Two BlogMutt Stories


We’ve had some very public interactions with HubSpot, including writing a blog post in an hour, and a series of guest posts on HubSpot’s blog.

What you may not know is that behind the scenes, we are doing some great work for companies that, like us, are using HubSpot tools.

In many cases, the companies behind the scenes like to stay behind the scenes. It’s like the old “Does She or Doesn’t She?” campaign. People don’t necessarily want to advertise that they color their hair, or that they’ve hired a service to write their blogs.

Does She or Doesn't She? Only your Content Writing Service knows for sure!

But we asked a couple of customers if it would be OK to share their stories, and they agreed.

The Lighter Side of Cloud Security

People often ask us at BlogMutt if we can write about their niche. They often come from an industry that they think is boring, and they don’t think our writers will be able to come up with anything week after week.

What we sometimes tell them is that we do lots of posts about “cloud security.” If we can write about that every single week, we tell them, we can certainly handle writing about plumbing or e-commerce, or whatever.

One such example is Denver IT consulting firm QeH2. They have an active blog, so any potential clients who come to their site discover that it is updated regularly. Those prospects also find posts that are accessible, and clearly written. They aren’t posts that are going to be on the cover of the Wall St. Journal, but nobody really expects that from a local IT consultant. They just want to find a site that’s like the consultants they want to hire: clear, friendly, proficient, and up-to-date.

And of course the firm wants people to find them, and clearly the best advice from every SEO expert these days is that blogging is the best way a small, niche company can rise to the top on search results pages.

Now, not every single post on their blog is written by BlogMutt. We’ll never tell which ones are and which ones aren’t. We will say, however, that we have had a lot of clients tell us that they actually blog more on their own after they hire us. Basically the hard part of blogging is done, so blogging is less of a chore and more fun and so they do it more often.

By the way, while many of our customers come to us directly, we are also happy to serve many others via agencies. QeH2 is just such a case. The agency that firm is Denver inbound marketing company, Revenue River, which is a HubSpot partner.

“We’re constantly looking for a new voice and slightly different perspective for our most popular blog topics,” Eric Pratt, managing director of RevRiv said. “BlogMutt has offered fantastic content and great depth of service knowledge, delivering very clean articles in post-ready formats.”

Looking Big While Remaining Small

Eric is not alone. Lots of agencies are hiring BlogMutt because it allows them to grow their customer base without having to hire full-time writers, something that can be challenging on lots of levels.

“My philosophy has always been, “work smarter not harder” and you guys definitely help me do that!” said Jo Erickson, owner of Massachusetts custom web development agency Your Page Today.

Her plan for working smarter is to hire out the stuff that’s time consuming. Writing can go quickly for people who write for a living, but for people in the middle of running an agency, it can be difficult indeed.

Erickson has also found that regular blogging is a way of keeping her clients engaged with her after she’s created a site for them. “We want them thinking of the site as an ongoing process, not a one-time task. Blogging takes care of that to a T.”

We have lots of other HubSpot partners, customers, and fans who use BlogMutt every week. But we do it all in the background.

So the next time you look at a HubSpot customer that’s great about blogging regularly, just take it in and admire it for accomplishing the business goals that they have. You can then ask them if they write the posts themselves. If they say something vague like, “My posts are as honest as the day is long!” then you’ll know they are probably using BlogMutt.

Don’t ask us… We’ll never tell.


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