Third Birthday for BlogMutt


Typically, the BlogMutt writers craft blog posts for this blog. Today, I’m actually writing it myself because it’s a big day here at BlogMutt. On this day three years ago we sent our first posts to paying customers.

We understand small businesses intimately for two reasons:

  1. We serve small businesses and the agencies that work for small business.
  2. We are a small business.

The stats are pretty clear that something like 40 percent of small businesses don’t live to see their third birthday.

We’ve seen up close that with a portion of our clients who’ve stopped using BlogMutt because they simply go out of business. (Luckily, it’s not the main reason customers stop using BlogMutt. The main reason they stop is that BlogMutt worked and they grew so much that they were able to hire a full-time marketer who can write the posts. It’s bittersweet when they “graduate” from BlogMutt, but we’re happy to see them grow!)

We here at BlogMutt are surviving, and more than that, we are thriving! We recently added another full-time staffer, Patrick. (He’s the one with the George Clooney vibe.) Courtney and Liz continue to do stellar work, and Wade and I continue to enjoy this thing that we created above a bar way back in the early part of the decade before anyone had heard of twerking. Miss those days.

BlogMutt staff on third anniversary Scott, Patrick, Courtney, Liz and Wade in front of our Boulder office. (Photo by Mariano Oreamuno.)

Anyway, we will be hiring at least two more people in the coming couple of months, and our group of writers continues to grow. I’m convinced we have the greatest group of writers anywhere on the ‘net.

Interestingly, three years ago today, we sent posts to two customers. Those two customers remain with us to this day. Now we sell thousands of blog posts every month, but each one is as special as those first two blog posts.

We have customers all over the world, yet each and every post that we send out is crafted by a US writer, to be just right for the blog of each individual customer. Doing that at scale is something Wade and I dreamed about three years ago, and now it’s really happening.

The landscape of tools that businesses can use to market themselves grows daily, but there’s one thing that software just can’t do, and that’s write a blog post.

We’ve had a great time writing thousands of blog posts — one at a time — for three years now, and we look forward doing more of that for many years to come.


This post was written, as well as any other posts with the author "Verblio," by one of our 3,000+ U.S.-based writers who write for thousands of clients monthly, across 38 different industries. Only the top 4% of writers who apply with Verblio get accepted, so our standards for writers (and content) are high.

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