The Top 10 Dental Blog Topics

As a dental professional, you’ve worked hard to establish and grow your practice. You know digital marketing—including a well-written blog—is one of the most effective ways to attract new patients. But coming up with fresh ideas for dental blog topics isn’t always easy.

Your blog is an important part of your dental marketing plan, and dentist blogs do more than drive website traffic. Friendly, informative blog posts can help hesitant patients feel more comfortable with your practice. They can also help you establish credibility and show patients that you’re the expert in your field.

Dental blogs help potential patients get a good impression of your office before making that first appointment. You can also share your blog posts as part of your social media presence, encouraging interaction and engagement with patients. Which is why it is important to incorporate educational dental blog topics.

Need some help coming up with compelling blog post topics? Here are the top 10 types of posts of dental blog topics that are perfect for your blog to power your overall marketing strategy.

1. Symptoms of Common Problems

What’s the first thing most people do when they have a question about their health? They Google it! Your patients are searching for answers to their dental problems, such as gum disease, cavities, and tooth sensitivities. Blog posts answering questions about these issues can help direct patients to your website.

2. Dental Awareness Months

Did you know February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? That makes it a great time for blog topics and reach out about children’s dental issues. Examples include fluoride, cavity protection, and when to think about braces. October is National Dental Hygiene Month, a good time for blog posts about dental hygiene basics. These awareness months are great starters for timely blog topics.

3. What to Expect

This type of blog can help set your patients’ minds at ease. A “what to expect” blog’s main purpose is to provide patients with information about a specific procedure. Examples could include: “What to Expect When Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out” and “Root Canals: What You Need to Know”.

4. Meet Our Staff

Patients want a dentist that makes them feel comfortable—one can they trust with all aspects of their oral health. Blog posts that let patients know about you and your staff on a personal level and shine a light on your unique expertise and passion for patients can help patients feel comfortable trusting you.

5. Case Studies

As human beings, we’re naturally curious about other people and their problems. Patients love to read relevant case studies, like a two-year-old’s first exam or a particularly difficult wisdom tooth procedure.

Make sure to get permission from the patient first, and (of course) don’t use full names.

6. Dental Issues in the News

Have you read an interesting new study about what stains teeth? Has a professional athlete made headlines with an injury to the mouth? Both of these “newsy” topics would make engaging blog posts.

7. Preventative Maintenance

Informative blog posts about preventative dentistry can help establish trust with your patients. Examples of topics include proper brushing techniques, flossing 101, and foods to eat for better overall oral health.

8. Explain Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is more popular now than ever. In fact, a 2016 study projects that the global cosmetic dentistry market will reach $27.95 billion by 2024. Your patients are more than likely interested in cosmetic procedures, so it makes sense to explore these topics that pique their curiosity and provide that information to them in your blog posts.

9. Options for Nervous Patients

According to the American Dental Association, 22 percent of Americans who don’t regularly visit a dentist do so because of fear. Blog posts addressing dental anxiety can help bring these reluctant patients in for the care they need. Examples of topics include types of sedation dentistry, sound reduction, aromatherapy, or other techniques you offer to help patients relax during their appointments.

10. Be Transparent About Payment Options

Many of your patients are concerned about how much their dental care will cost. Blog posts that talk about payment options and the types of insurance you accept can help allay patient fears about expenses.

Your dental blog should be a source of credible information for your patients. It should also help attract new patients to your dental practice. Keep your blog regularly updated with compelling content, and you’ll discover its worth as a marketing tool.

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