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We have a number of new visitors this morning because the Wall St. Journal quoted Blogmutt in today’s paper. Welcome!

If you are a business with a blog and you have trouble getting posts written, then you may be interested in our service. We have a low monthly fee, and for that one fee you get your choice of blog posts written just for you from our crowd of writers.

We are currently in closed beta, which means that we are only taking customers in slowly. We take people in the order that they signed up, though, so if you think you’d like to put Blogmutt to work for you, be sure to enter your email address in the form on our home page. (Don’t worry, we keep that list safe, and we will use your address ONLY to write you when your spot in line comes up.)

If you are a writer looking for a freelance writer opportunity — as the story said, it is not a job. We have a great corps of writers now who enjoy working from home and coming onto our platform whenever they want and writing the way that they like writing. We have a number of blog posts about our writer opportunities, and if you think you are really interested you can apply to be a freelance writer here.

While we have a great group of freelance writers now, but we plan on growing! We have way more businesses hoping to be customers than we’ve allowed into our closed beta, so our group of freelance writers will continue to grow. Our current group of writers tells us that they love the freedom and flexibility of writing whenever they want. Some do it for the money, but more do it for the professional development or the personal growth that goes along with what is often their first paid writing gig for a real business, rather than for a content farm. So if you think you might like to try out our freelance platform, you should for sure apply.

So… thanks to the crew at the Wall St. Journal. The story was spot-on, as stories in the Journal usually are, and it covered an issue that lots of businesses deal with every day. It’s part of the key to why our current business customers like Blogmutt so much: They don’t want to deal with hiring an employer or a contractor to write blogs, they just want a service to do it for them. If that sounds like you, be sure to sign up on that beta list so you can secure your spot in line.

Thanks for reading!

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