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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Online Banking

By a Verblio Writer

(424 words)

Online banking is one of the best ways to save time and learn what’s happening with your bank account, or so you would think. The truth is that along with the advantages of online banking, there are things that can cause you problems if you aren’t careful.

Here are 4 things you should avoid in online banking.

Fees for Bill Pay

There are a lot of online banks that charge you a fee when you are using a bill pay service. Before you sign up for an online bank, make sure that you’re reading the fine print and that you understand what is involved. This way there will be no nasty surprises.

Unresponsive Customer Service

If you are a banking customer and you have a problem, you want to know there will be someone there to help you. The best way to avoid unresponsive customer service is to read reviews of the online bank. Read what other people have said about using the service and take their reviews to heart. Remember there will always be customers who won’t be satisfied no matter what. But if there are more negative than positive reviews, avoid using the bank.

Bad Apps

Most online banks have an app that you can use for using their banking service. When you are looking for a bank, research the banking app to find out how easy it is to use. It’s also essential that they have one that will work for your device or devices. Will it work on your smart phone or tablet? Or is it just for certain makes and models?

Unsecured Log In

Anytime you are dealing with money or your credit, you want to make sure that you are on a secure website. If you see an “s” at the end of the http on the website’s address, that means it’s a secure website. If it’s not there, then you want to look elsewhere for an online bank.

Choosing the right online bank can be difficult and frustrating. You want the convenience of online banking. But you also want to be certain that the one you choose gives you good service and keeps you safe.

Our bank gives you all the ease and convenience you’re looking for in an online bank, and we are just as concerned as you are about your online safety. Please feel free to look around on our website and read more of our blog. We are always ready to help you and give you advice. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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