3 Reasons To Hire An Article Writing Service

Hiring an article writing service might not be your top priority, but if you’re a small business looking to grow, perhaps it should be. After you read the list below, you’ll be reaching for your to-do list and moving it straight to the top.

Three Reasons to Hire an Article Writing Service

1. You need someone who knows how it works. 

Data shows that while blog posts do impact your website’s SEO, that’s only true if the posts are of a certain quality.

Blogging low value content purely for the sake of SEO is over. Not only is it over, but now it’s counterproductive and may have a negative impact on your entire website. You may be blogging low quality content on purpose for SEO, but many blog owners are posting low quality content without knowing it. (Netrafic)

hire-an-article-writing-serviceThis means that even if you’re blogging weekly, you still might be missing the mark. It’s not enough just to log on regularly and post something related to your product or service. What you post must be engaging enough for your your readers to interact with–whether by commenting or sharing–in order for Google’s algorithm to consider pushing you closer to the top.

Hiring an article writing service ensures that you will work with writers who are skilled not only in putting together interesting articles but also in keeping abreast of current trends in SEO, giving your posts a better chance of rising to the top.

2. You have other reasons to lose sleep.

Writing and researching quality blog posts will take time. You must keep a list of potential topics, research them online to provide helpful links and statistics to flesh out your posts, and then invest the time to write, rewrite, and edit them.

If you’re blogging on top of all your other work responsibilities, chances are that you’ll be working on those posts in your spare time. Wouldn’t you rather spend your nights playing games with your kids, reading a great book, or binge watching a show on Netflix?

3. You’re not a writer.

If you run your own business, that means you’re probably an expert in something other than the written word. There’s no shame in that! In fact, that puts you in the perfect position to choose what topics and subjects your blog should cover, leaving the actual writing to experienced copywriters.


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We eat our own dog food. It's true. We use Verblio's service for our own blog. The same writers that write for our clients write many of our blog posts—like this one. Any posts with an author named "Verblio" were written by a writer from our talent pool of 3,000+ U.S.-based writers. We sure couldn't do it without them.

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