4 Questions You May Be Asking When Vetting A Writing Service As An Agency

I’m Caroline, and I’m the newest member of Verblio’s (formerly BlogMutt) marketing and sales team. Whether you’re a current Verblio client or are considering signing up, I’m looking forward to working with you. For my part, I am privileged to work at Verblio where we pool our diverse skills to focus on innovative ways to shape and advance our clients’ content goals.


I started content marketing during its early days, in 2012, when, as a recent English Literature major, I was searching for employment that would draw on my love of the written word. Enter: a job writing marketing content. From my first blog—which, as I recall, was titled “Retracing the History of the Fiat 500”—I immersed myself in the challenges of researching varied topics and channeling the voices of specific clients across a variety of industries.

From my early days as a content writer, I have become a full-fledged digital marketing strategist. In this capacity, I’ve helped hundreds of clients execute on their content marketing strategies. From automotive repair to zoology, from emergency lighting systems to office ergonomics, there’s a good chance that I’ve written about it. Across countless industries, I’ve crafted a sense of audience and voice in the service of each client.

To Verblio, I bring the unique perspective of my years working for a digital marketing agency. I know what it’s like to be a writer, and I understand the value of matching clients with the right companies. As we dive into your questions about how Verblio can support your content marketing goals, my job will be to help you find a solution that works best for you and your clients.

If you’ve never considered outsourcing your writing to a content writing service, you might be nervous to take the plunge. Speaking as someone who has been on both sides of content writing and digital strategy—as writer and marketing professional—I am positioned to support you in decisions about how to fully represent your business potential through outsourced content writing. Verblio clients have the advantage because they collaborate with multiple writers, each of whom can contribute to your business presence.

There are four central questions that you may be asking when you vet a content writing service for your agency:

1. How can I ensure that the content is high-quality?

Quality is a key consideration, especially when you’re sourcing content on behalf of your clients. Whether you’re thinking of working with a single freelancer or multiple writers, you’ll want to make sure that the articles you receive are clearly written, error-free, and actually compelling to read. In my experience, the best way to vet a content writing service is to take the time to read through samples before you provide your first assignment. You can tell a lot about tone, style, and attention to detail by reading through representative samples.

Remember, you may not always be able to see samples that have been written specifically for your client or for your exact industry niche. In these instances, just look for the indications of quality writing—correct structure, compelling and clear language—in order to ensure that a content writing service is able to deliver on their promise of high quality. The exact subject matter may change from article to article, but the foundations of good writing always remain the same.

2. How long is the turnaround time for each article?

I get it, your agency is probably incredibly busy. From executing on marketing strategies to coordinating with prospective clients, I wouldn’t be surprised if writing doesn’t rise to the top of your to-do list. If you have a content deadline you’ll need to make sure that your outsourced content strategy isn’t getting in the way of your schedule.

At Verblio, we can assist with scheduling. By working with a team of writers, you will have access to multiple workers who are able to provide you with quality content nearly on-demand. If meeting strict deadlines is an essential consideration for your agency, don’t hesitate to ask about the typical turnaround time per article or involve our speedy support team to expedite. You may be surprised by how quickly great articles are turned around by your outsourced team.

3. Will the outsourced writers follow our style guide?

Many digital marketing agencies require their in-house writers to follow style guides when creating content for clients. A style guide is a great resource that both new writers and content marketing veterans can turn to when they are crafting articles. If you have already honed a style guide for your writing team, this information will also be invaluable to your outsourced writing service.

Any content writing service worth its chops will happily adapt to your agency’s style guide. In fact, by including a style guide or content outlines in your information about your clients, you can ensure that your content is ready for publication within one or two rounds of edits.

4. Wouldn’t it be easier to work with in-house writers?

“To outsource, or not to outsource?” If you’re an established agency that’s looking to free up time for your in-house staff to focus on new projects, you will find your answers in an outsourced content service. Give it a try by signing up long-time clients whose brand you already know well. To the emerging agencies out there, I’ll say that outsourcing content may be an important step towards expanding your offerings and making your services more appealing to a wider swath of potential clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about Verblio and our white-label platform, please feel free to email or schedule a call with me directly. I look forward to chatting with you!


Caroline Rideout

With over six years of SEO and content marketing experience, Caroline is thrilled to bring her expertise to Verblio’s diverse customer base. When she’s not in the office, you’ll find her painting outdoors, perusing her favorite volumes of poetry, and fawning over other people's dogs. Caroline is also Verblio’s elusive, enigmatic dolphin tamer, a skill she picked up from five years of living in Hawaii. Having recently moved from Hawaii to Colorado, she's also in the process of trading in my surfboards for ski boots.

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