Blogging For Lawyers: Attract And Inform Potential Clients


As with other business blogs, there are two reasons lawyers have blogs. The first reason is to provide information for potential clients, and the second reason is to attract people to their websites with interesting and searchable content.

blogging for lawyersMost lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law, which means that blogging for lawyers has its own sets of challenges and needs. For instance, some lawyers are involved in criminal defense, while others engage in drawing up contracts, such as wills or business incorporations, while still others practice civil litigation.

A typical blog post for a criminal defense lawyer might focus on murder will need to take into consideration questions like, “How is murder defined in the particular state that the lawyer practices in?,” “What sort of punishment would a defendant expect if convicted?,” and “What are some of the typical defenses?”

For a contract lawyer, a blog post might focus on wills, and provide answers to questions like, “What are the various types of wills?,” and “What are the advantages of having a will?”

A civil litigation lawyer might have a blog post that discusses the sorts of law suits that can arise from an automobile accident, for example. A civil litigation blog should answer questions like, “How is responsibility determined?,” “What sort of damages can be expected?,” and “What are the limits to liability?”

The second type of blog post a lawyer should consider, would consist of a news story that focuses on his or her area of the law. A criminal defense lawyer might like an account of a high profile murder trial. A contract lawyer might prefer an account of how a state legislature is mulling changes in inheritance law, while a civil litigator would feature a blog post about a high profile civil suit, especially if it involves one or more celebrities.

A lawyer’s blog should serve her practice, not only as an advertisement for the firm, but as a service to potential clients by providing interesting and informative content related to the law.

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