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We know one thing to be true: Verblio (formerly BlogMutt) wouldn’t exist without our writers. And now, we’re excited for you to learn more about our writers with writer profiles. They look a little something like this:


This is the profile of one of the two founders of BlogMutt, Scott Yates, who writes that he’s not just the CEO, he’s also a writer. This profile is his, and there are thousands more writers with profiles now visible to active customers of Verblio.

These profiles not only tell you more about each writer, but they also provide insight into the writer’s level, posts the writer has published and for what industry (for you and other customers), customers’ feedback, and posts the writer has written for you (and the current status of these posts).

Writer Name and Bio


Just like Scott, every Verblio writer will have a place to include a picture and bio. The bio is an easy way for you to familiarize yourself with the person writing your blog posts.

We made sure not to enforce a strict template for writer bios. Just as no two blogs are alike, no two writers are alike either. We want each writer to have the freedom to choose what he or she wants to share with you.

Writer Level and Posts Published

As writers sell more posts to Verblio customers, they “level up.” When writers level up, they become eligible to write and get paid more for writing longer posts. Did you know we offer longer posts?

As each writer reaches a new level, they get a new badge. And then some levels come with special perks, like a Verblio shirt. At the highest level, Verblio writers actually become “co-owners,” something we wrote about here before it was covered by TechCrunch and others because it’s such a unique system of rewarding crowdsourcing workers.

Profiles also include the number of posts published by the writer (in other words, the total number of posts the writer’s sold to customers). As noted at the bottom, a single post can cover more than one category.

Your posts by this writer – Tab


This dashboard allows you to view the posts written for you by this writer. You can see the posts you’ve posted and the posts you’ve rejected.

Additionally, you can provide writer feedback and give star ratings to your posts within this view as well. Giving writer feedback is one of the most important elements of success with Verblio.

Customer feedback – Tab


By selecting the “Customer feedback” tab you can view the feedback given to each writer by you, and by other customers. The person giving the feedback isn’t visible, but the words used to describe the posts are straight from the customers.

This is the first step, a big one, in giving you more insight and visibility about the writers working on your accounts. Next will come an ability to manage the writers you want to work on your accounts. Stay tuned for that announcement.

In the meantime, we hope this new system works well for you. If you have questions about writer profiles or anything else, just send us an email at support[at]verblio[dot]com.




Pat Armitage

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