Can Outsourced Blog Writing Save You From Pokémon Go?

I recently got to take the vacation of a lifetime: three weeks in Spain.

I say this not to make you jealous, or to make you think that you should go to Spain for three weeks, even though you really should, especially northern Spain.

The reason I want you to know that before you read the rest of this post is so you will excuse me for being completely mystified by this whole Pokémon Go thing.

You see, we didn’t have much time for social networks while eating the best cheese in the world. We didn’t follow the trends on TV or radio because we spent all our time walking around and doing lots of people watching.

If you consider Spaniards backwards for not embracing a trend in the nanoseconds after the trend takes off, well, that’s more a reflection of you than it is of them.

So, by the time we got back, the phenomenon had gone from red-hot to commonplace, which is a little handy, because now I don’t have to feel bad or that I missed out. I’m sticking by the knowledge that life went on just fine without immediately jumping on the latest trend bandwagon.


Summertime, and the blogging is easy?

I kind of wondered what the thing would be this summer. There’s always something. Two summers ago it was the #icebucketchallenge. Remember that? Now it seems so quaint. That was one that even BlogMutt got caught up in.

Every summer there’s always some kind of weirdness that becomes a thing out of nowhere, and then fades. I just looked, and wrote about this on my personal blog five summers ago.

Once I understood that summers are always a little weird, it helped me a great deal. Just knowing that, it helps me to take the long view, to keep my eye on the ball of what the bigger goals are for me and our company.

For BlogMutt, our goals remain the same: We want to be the best possible outsourced blog writing service that we can be for our writers, small businesses, and the marketing agencies that serve those businesses.

One of the ways we do that is by helping businesses get blogging done all year long. Google’s robots — interestingly — do not take summer vacations so blogging now when competitors are not blogging as much will help even more. If we are blogging for you, you can take your own summer vacation and know that your blogging is done. That will make the vacation extra enjoyable.

And for our writers, they like the work. Many of our writers are teachers who use BlogMutt as a summer activity to make a little extra money.

So if you are enjoying getting out and about with your phone in your hand looking for Pokémon creatures, I won’t begrudge you that at all.

Big Trends/Little Trends

But this trend, like so many others that have come and gone before, will fade. Once it’s gone, what will be left? What’s important?

  • If you are a writer, what’s important is your craft. The best way to get better at writing is to write more, and if you can write and get paid, all the better. We hope you’ll continue to be part of the BlogMutt writer group, the best group of writers anywhere on the ‘net.
  • If you are a small business operator, what’s important is growing your business. Where blogging was perhaps once perceived to be a trend that could fade, it’s now clear that with more than 10 years of history, the companies that blog more simply outperform the companies that don’t.
  • And if you are an agency that serves small businesses, you know that your success depends on your clients’ success. Blogging gets them there.

And lastly, for the people and places of Spain who prevented me from getting in on an entire social-media-slice-of-Americana-meme-trend-phenomenon… Thanks.



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