How to Create Engaging Content by Appealing to Emotions

Learning how to create engaging content with emotions for your business blog is one of the most valuable, yet enigmatic, lessons you can learn. But what makes a blog post engaging? And how do you actually measure that engagement?

Unfortunately, the answers to those questions aren’t cut and dry. Determining what type of content engages your audience the most and which metrics accurately measure the type of engagement you’re hoping for requires a keen understanding of your audience and their preferences/behaviors. However, there is one element that will instantly make your content more appealing and engaging, no matter who your audience is or what your business is about, and that’s emotion.

By nature, we are emotional creatures. Our emotions help us make important decisions, such as whether or not to flee or fight, whether or not to trust a stranger, and, as is often the case in marketing, whether or not to buy a product.

By tapping into the emotions of your readers, you will be able to elicit a stronger reaction than you ever could by simply appealing to rational thought. Consider these four ways to create more emotional and, thus, more engaging content for your blog readers.

Tell a Story

Appealing to your readers on an emotional level starts by shifting away from the facts and, instead, telling an interesting story that makes them feel something. First, consider the fact that your customers have a genuine need or pain point that is causing them to look for your product or service. Then, tell a story that connects your product or service to that need.

Has your company come up with an innovation that is making waves and positively impacting your industry? Is the story of your company’s origin unique or inspiring? Do you have a customer or employee who can offer an interesting insight into the way your company has changed their life? Showing your readers how your product or service benefits real people—just like them—helps them connect more strongly with your brand.

Look for ways to share company stories with your readers. Be as genuine as possible. You don’t have to make up stories when there are likely plenty of real ones all around you.

Showcase the Benefits

You didn’t create your product just for the sake of creation. No matter what it is your business has to offer, that product or service exists to fill a need or solve a problem. However, business bloggers often get so caught up in naming all the fancy bells and whistles their products feature that they forget the most important part: the benefits!

The truth is that people don’t respond to cold, hard logic the same way they do to emotions. It’s not enough to simply tell your potential customers about the stunning new features that incorporate the latest technological advances. No. Your customers want to know how those stunning features are going to save them time, make their lives easier, support their goals, and help them achieve success.

Play With Controversy

Many times, businesses do their best to stay as far away from controversy as possible. You don’t want to get into the middle of a big mess and risk riling people up (or worse, losing customers)!

But sometimes, writing about a controversial topic or frame as a point-counterpoint piece can be one of the best ways to engage readers.

Next time a controversy arises, consider diving right in, instead of ignoring it. If you have a strong opinion on a topic—especially if that strong opinion happens to be different from everyone else’s—go ahead and express it. You may be amazed by the number of people who come to your blog just to agree with you, to argue with you, or to interact with others in your comments section.

Of course, it’s important to approach controversy with caution and tact. Make sure it’s still relevant to your business and your readers, never purposefully offend anyone, and don’t write about controversy just to toot your own horn.

Keep it Real With Emotions

No matter what you’re writing about, let your personality, and your own emotions, shine through your words. Your blog doesn’t have to be a dry recitation of events or information. If you have a quirky sense of humor, passion for your work, or a fascination with a particular topic or item that you think will add spunk to your blog, don’t be afraid to let that appear.

It’s not “fluff content” when it’s attracting reader interest and showcasing who you are.

Appealing to readers on an emotional level will help establish your online presence, create a dedicated community of readers who engage with your content, and encourage a deeper connection with your brand. Marketing professionals already know that reaching out emotionally is one of the best ways to create a reaction in your potential customers.

Whether you tug at the heartstrings or simply showcase your passion, the emotional appeal of your blog will help increase interest and keep your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds when they think of your industry.

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