Hiring An In-House Copywriter Lowers Blood Pressure (& Other Industry Myths)


Lately, everyone’s all a-flap about the state of inbound marketing.

Honestly, we get it. There’s a lot going on.

It’s all very well to download the yearly summaries, crunch the numbers, decode Google’s mysterious and ever-shifting algorithms, and clack out a few darkly comedic think pieces about what it all means on a grander scale, how our society got to this point, and how soon we can expect robots to take over the world, leaving us in a nightmare-driven, post-apocalyptic, tech-controlled horror-scape.

But as entertaining as all that sounds, what most of us really need is to take a beat and ask what it all means on a practical level for those with their boots on the ground—or fingers on the keys, as the case may be.

As we discuss in our new e-book Ignite Your Inbound Strategy with the Right Freelance Writers: A Guide, nailing down exactly how you’re going to meet your content needs can be challenging and exhausting.

Whether you’re an agency seeking to maintain a sufficient staff or a small business owner looking for a writer to supply snappy SEO content, you’re likely flailing (or just reeling thinking about it) over the task ahead. And we don’t blame you. You’re entering a time-consuming and labor-intensive period—especially since there really aren’t any shortcuts: the only tried-and-true method for determining whether or not a writer will work for you is to give that writer a project and see how it goes. As we discuss in Chapter 4 of our e-book, this process usually isn’t a one-off, and the vetting process can drag on ad infinitum.


And if you’re an agency looking to maintain a full staff of writers, that’s likely only one of your problems.

Your Problems

If you work on the agency management level, you’re likely dealing with some version of the following:

  • Maintaining consistent output in spite of high turnover of in-house writers
  • Juggling writers and clients to balance supply and demand
  • Establishing consistent work for your in-house writers despite natural fluctuation of clients and seasonal lulls
  • Keeping work challenging enough to hold onto talented in-house copywriters without causing burnout
  • Struggling to match a wide variety of client needs—content types or industries alike—with the natural limitations of staff
  • Handling long-term client communication headaches and the inevitable dissonance of expectation vs. reality
  • Dealing with fallout when increased demands simultaneously limit organic growth


Of course, not everyone runs an agency. Some of you are working—or seeking to work—with independent contractors, while others do your own writing in-house, somehow keeping the operational plates spinning while simultaneously providing your own fresh content. To the latter group, we say—bless you.

To all groups, we say this—no matter who you are, you have options. And Verblio (formerly BlogMutt) is one of them.

Your Options

As we discuss in our new e-book, while everyone wants good writing, not everyone taps the same source.

Whether you’re an agency seeking your next copywriter or a business looking to partner with a freelancer, you doubtless cherish similar visions: the vision of that one, perfect writer who meets all your content needs with style and flair, needing only a tagline and a wave of the hand to get them started in the right direction.

If that’s what you seek, we wish you the best of luck!

But also—LOL.

Because honestly, finding the perfect writer in one fell swoop—while not impossible—is a bit like finding a perfect soulmate on your first-ever middle school date. Not impossible, but extremely rare. About as rare as an actual middle school date, although hopefully not as awkward.

To return to the point, you’re much more likely to find a suitable writer by casting a wider net and at a consistent rate over time. That means either you’ll audition multiple freelancers on an identical trial project in order to compare their efforts, or you’ll shop your idea to a platform of writers before stepping back and waiting for the cream to rise to the top.

And therein lies the strength of Verblio. We employ over 3,000 writers with a proven track record for delivering agile, diversified, knowledgeable content.

Rest assured: we’re not in business to drive in-house writers out of work altogether; instead, we seek to come alongside as a reliable partner, capable of providing agencies with very specific solutions.

Specific Solutions

Perhaps your agency has signed an interesting niche client for whom none of your in-house writers has proven a good match. Or suppose your writer who originally met that client’s needs requires maternity leave or a sabbatical. In that event, Verblio can serve as a stop-gap measure.

We’ve done it before. We can do it again. Over and over, if necessary. And not just for agencies based in the U.S., either.

That’s right. We’ve gone global, y’all.

The Benefits of Verblio

The benefits to partnering with Verblio are manifold.

First, we’re a quirky bunch with divergent styles and voices. As such, we specialize in spicing up those often-drier-than-necessary content pieces. Second, boasting a wide array of specialties and life experiences, we bring expertise to a broad swath of industries. Given our capabilities (and sheer numbers!), we can easily serve as an emergency response system for established agencies, either by acting as a protective cushion against in-house turnover or swooping to the rescue when a large chunk of your staff is suddenly and simultaneously unavailable.

One of the greatest strengths of working with Verblio, of course, is that through our platform, the time-consuming process of finding a good writing match can be greatly accelerated. So whether you’re a small business seeking the occasional lively SEO piece or an agency seeking to diversify your in-house writing team and scale your content offerings, you can leverage our platform to your advantage.

The Straight Skinny

For more of the straight skinny on the current state of inbound marketing, including practical tools for nailing down effective freelance writers and leveraging their unique strengths to your advantage, download our new e-book. It will put you well on your way toward achieving greater freedom in content creation.

If we can help further, don’t hesitate to let us know at sales[at]verblio.com.

We look forward to partnering with you.


Ruth Buchanan

In addition to freelance writing and editing, Ruth Buchanan is traditionally published in the areas of fiction, non-fiction, and drama. She’s an eager reader, an enthusiastic traveler, and the world’s most reluctant runner. Ruth loves Jesus, family, friends, and coffee. She lives and works in South Florida.

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