How To Start A Blog Challenge, Month #5: Write Four Blog Posts


We meet again. Hasn’t this been a blissful several months together so far as you learn how to start a blog? I can just hear your knuckles cracking, anticipating another full month of blogging coming up. 


Or if this go-getter isn’t quite you this morning, maybe fill up another cup of your coffee and come on back when you feel adequately armed with caffeine.


Well let’s get to it, shall we?

These steps should be mighty familiar to you by this point, and if they’re not, jog on back in our archives to check out installments #1-4 and start working through the months in order. Those first months are a crucial prerequisite for the later months. You’ll see what I mean.

Month #1
Month #2
Month #3
Month #4

So don’t start totally cold with Month #5 of this challenge if you want to do blogging right. We’re working to ensure your blog is rooted in the most solid foundation possible to allow for fruitful content marketing efforts down the road.

Now, onto Month #5’s to-dos.



1. You guessed it — write four blog posts.

You did it last month. And you can do it again.

Make sure to take them allllll the way to publish. An obvious point, maybe, but important.


2. Whip up 10 more blog topics.

Should be cake by this point. Ideas are everywhere.

Just in case you’re stuck, though, here are a couple posts to get you thinking:

Well, that about wraps up this month. Keep that fire burning, and I look forward to seeing you back next month for Month #6. Halfway is near, my friends.


(Want a preview of the rest of the months? Or just a printable checklist to keep you honest? Download or print the full guide here.)


Kali Bizzul

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