Back With Another BlogMutt Update: Topic Ideas


Okay, we couldn’t wait anymore. We just announced one of our biggest BlogMutt product updates in our history two weeks ago called flexible scheduling, making the way our customers claim content much more individually customizable. And so far, so good! Keep the feedback comin’ (let us know how it’s working for you on the form below)!

We’ve been chomping at the bit to announce the next biggest thing. And our development team has been tireless in their efforts to deliver on something we’ve heard our curious customers ask questions about from day 1 of BlogMutt’s existence:

How do I come up with more topic ideas?

So today we come before you and want to sing from the mountaintops that we finally have a solution, and a darn good one at that: topic ideas.




Read on for the nitty gritty, but for now here are the bite-size need-to-knows:

  • Writers you mark as preferred can now suggest ideas for topics to you
  • You need to prefer writers to start getting ideas for topics
  • Review these ideas on the “Topic Ideas” tab, under “Topics Manager”
  • Accept the topics you like and they’ll go right to your active list of topics

The Problem

Customers sign up with BlogMutt to save time. But we hear all too often that while they love our system, content, and writers, they fall behind on publishing and making good on their content strategy because they can’t come up with topics fast enough.




No fun.

On the other hand, our experienced writers come to our support team all the time saying they have a topic in mind for a customer. But they haven’t had a way to pitch those. Until now.

BlogMutt’s Solution: Topic Ideas

Now we’re giving our writers the power to suggest ideas for topics for you. Outsourcing brainstorming? You betcha.

To those customers with no topics in their account, unsure of how to get unstuck, to the agency content managers who come up with new topics for their clients month after month and worry the day will come when the topic idea well runs dry—we are proud to say that the new topic ideas tab will solve those woes.

Even when you can’t come up with content ideas of your own, let the writers who have come to know your company and industry well take on more and get that off your plate.

Here’s How It Works


This is where the ideas for topics will come in.

How to get the ideas flowing, you ask?

It’s only a matter of time before you fall in love with our writers (or maybe you already have!). Once you’ve found your favorite(s), prefer that writer (learn how to do that here, or see gif below).




Once you’ve preferred a writer, you’ll be eligible to start receiving suggested topics from just your preferred writers. If you don’t prefer any writers, you won’t receive ideas.

After receiving a topic from one of your favorite writers, you’ll have the option to either accept or decline the proposed topic.



If you love the topic (“why didn’t I think of that?”) and accept it, it’ll pop over to your Topics Manager tab, where you can edit the topic if you need to make tweaks.

From there, your preferred writer has the opportunity to write on that topic exclusively for three days. After that time window, the topic will open up to the rest of the writers, whether they’re preferred for you or not. 



  • You need to prefer writers first to start getting ideas for topics.
  • To save you time in reviewing, we’ve restricted these suggestions to 150 words.
  • The writer who has proposed the topic will have 3 days after it’s accepted to write it exclusively. After that time, the topic will go public to the writers.

We hope these updates make pushing “publish” that much more attainable for our customers, as well as letting our writers continue to take the topic-generating heavy lifting off their plate. As always, we are open to feedback in every form. Please let us know what you think by shooting an email to support [at], and thanks for being awesome.

Login here to check out the new topic ideas tab.



Kali Bizzul

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