Verblio (Formerly BlogMutt) Complete Customer Spotlight: Adjusting to 6 Figures

As the founder of a small business, Jeremy Rettig keeps himself pretty busy. With only 3 employees, Jeremy’s Adjusting to 6 Figures manages to host several courses a month, publish weekly blog articles, and provide numerous opportunities for aspiring claims adjusters to deepen their knowledge in the niche field of insurance claims. On a typical day, Jeremy is producing course material, talking to potential leads about his program, serving as a mentor to numerous independent adjusters, and maintaining a heavy workload of his own cases.

Jeremy-Rettig-Adjusting to 6 Figures
Jeremy Rettig

But you’ll notice that, amidst all of these demanding tasks, we did not mention content creation. Even though Adjusting to 6 Figures has a blog that harnesses the majority of its customers, this is an area where Jeremy only has to devote 15 of his valuable minutes per week to be successful.

How is it possible for Jeremy to get high-quality content in a niche industry that not only drives traffic to his site but plays a key role in converting his prospects into customers?

Enter Casey Cline. His Verblio (formerly BlogMutt) Complete account manager. With 6 years under her belt in freelance writing, editing, and proofreading and a HubSpot Inbound certification, Casey is one of Verblio’s five account managers for Verblio Complete.

Verblio Complete is our managed service plan. On this plan, a customer, like Adjusting to 6 Figures, is matched with an account manager who aids in creating a content strategy, building relationships with writers, choosing and editing fantastic posts, and SEO optimizing, formatting, and publishing. Basically, Verblio Complete takes the end-to-end content creation process off of your plate.

This post will outline how Jeremy uses Verblio’s managed service to ensure high-quality content in a niche field and with an account manager with no background in claims adjusting.

Adjusting to 6 Figures, the Beginning

Back in the early 2000s, Jeremy was living in Florida. Still in his 20s, he was working in construction during the day and bartending at a hotel at night. In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, several insurance claims adjusters were staying at the hotel. When they dropped by the bar, Jeremy chatted with them. Intrigued by the relative ease to get licensed as an independent adjuster, its potential earnings, and his own experience in the construction industry, he started down the road of an independent claims adjuster.

Results of hurricane

This was in September 2011. By October he was enrolled in a course. And by the following March, he was licensed and practicing.

As Jeremy gained more and more experience in the industry, he became a mentor to many aspiring adjusters. There was a huge need for adjusters but very few resources that adjusters-to-be could rely on for foundational education. Soon, Jeremy was taking multiple calls a day with peers and friends of friends to pass on his own knowledge.

In 2016, Jeremy made the decision to make his unofficial education program official. In December of that year, Jeremy founded Adjusting to 6 Figures to educate aspiring adjustors, enrich the knowledge of current adjusters, offer mentorship and career opportunities, and provide a library of resources for professionals in the claims field.

A Content Solution: Finding His Glass Slipper

As a rich resource for claims adjusters, Adjusting to 6 Figures had to make a commitment to consistent and quality content that could educate, inspire, and deepen the knowledge within the field. But through many iterations of a content strategy, Jeremy found that creating high-quality, consistent content wasn’t so easy.

Problem 1: Writing Just Isn’t Our Strength

At first, Jeremy and his business partner tried to create all of the content themselves. But his partner’s strengths didn’t expand to writing and Jeremy’s own writing was often stalled by his constant revisions, self-doubt, and the inevitable higher priority tasks that pushed content to the bottom of his list.

Problem 2: Freelancers Require Management

From there, they tried, what Jeremy described as, “a mess of strategies that didn’t work”. He brought on a dedicated freelance writer but their personalities didn’t gel and so he tried working with several freelance writers with different strengths. Yet, he found that the time required to manage all of the writers negated any time he saved from not writing the material himself. Between finding and vetting freelancers, matching their strengths with his content needs, and managing their schedules and deadlines, he may just have well written the piece himself!

Problem 3: If They Leave, My Content is Brought to a Standstill

Finally, he hired a blog manager to manage it. But after several short months, she left for a different opportunity.

Alone. Again.

Finding a Content Solution with Verblio

In search of a simpler solution, Jeremy found Verblio. He started by just signing up for content only on the platform, meaning he managed his own account. Using a service like Verblio allowed him to dramatically decrease the time he spent managing writers. It also saved him the headache of figuring out what to do if a writer left. One of his biggest revelations was that “it didn’t matter if a writer fell off the face of the planet. There were always other options,” which gave him the flexibility to continue content creation no matter the personal life and changing employment situations of his writers.

But Jeremy and his team still had to commit several hours a week to the Verblio interface—creating new topics, reading through submissions and giving feedback, and proofreading and SEO-polishing the blogs before putting them up on their blogging platform. Jeremy realized that staying on his current Verblio plan meant that, at best, he’d get better at using the platform, more efficient at leveraging it to get content that fit his needs. But that, no matter how practiced of a Verblio user he became, he’d still have to devote a base level of time each week. And as his business continued to grow, he felt the pressing urgency to focus more time on creating course material and learning opportunities for his customers.

The Switch to Verblio Complete

Jeremy ended up signing up for Verblio Complete just two weeks after the service was released, making him one of the first customers to use it. Verblio Complete offers its customers 3 distinct workflows with their account manager based on how involved in the content creation process they want to be. During his introductory call with Casey, Jeremy opted for the completely hands-off workflow, even joking with Casey, “please, please, for the love of God, handle this for me!”

And so she did.

To onboard Casey to his industry, content, and goals, Jeremy spent the first month more involved. He and Casey discussed the type of writing and topics that were a fit for his content. He vetted Casey’s first few topic ideas to help guide her in the right direction. He read through content submissions, giving feedback on which posts were on point and what changes were needed. But after several weeks, Casey was aligned on his strategy and able to take the reins.

From then on, Jeremy was able to leave end-to-end content creation up to Casey. He still enjoys reading through submissions if he has the time, but hasn’t needed to send work back for revisions since his second month on Verblio Complete. “I’ve been able to go completely hands-off,” Jeremy bragged, telling us that no matter how many things come up that prevent him from participating in this process, quality content goes up on his blog each week. Like clockwork.

The Biggest Value-Adds for Adjusting to 6 Figures

An account manager who handles every piece of the Verblio platform is able to significantly improve a customer’s content strategy—be it providing topics strategically geared towards leveraging your SEO strategy, building relationships with the best writers, or saving you time. For Jeremy, this service’s most important benefits were threefold.

The Time Spend

When Adjusting to 6 Figures was still weeding through various content strategies, from writing content internally to managing several freelancers, Jeremy and his team spent close to 10 to 15 hours a week on content. Since signing up for Verblio Complete, Jeremy spends 10 to 15 minutes a week on content. This dramatic decrease in time spent has given the Adjusting to 6 Figures team so much more freedom to focus on the actual monetization of the website. It also means that he and his team can focus their efforts in areas of their strengths and interest.

The Consistency

No matter what the week has in store for Jeremy, he can trust that Casey will get his content out the door. One of his pain points with the Verblio system before switching to Verblio Complete was that he could get so close to finalizing content—he’d get topics up, read through submissions, and even purchase content. But then there would be the last step of polishing it and formatting it for publishing. And this one last task would hold up the process and often delay the final product. With Casey, he knows that even if he’s absent, content won’t only be produced, but polished, SEO optimized, formatted, and published to his blog.

The Quality

Casey’s management of his account also helped improve the quality of his content. As a long-time writer for Verblio, she’s an expert at using the platform. This allows her to quickly build relationships with writers who are a good match and keep them prioritizing Jeremy’s topics. Her editing skills help maintain consistency of voice and quality from week to week.

Getting Niche Content

Some of you still may be asking how Jeremy gets great content in such a specific niche with an account manager who has no background in insurance claims. We asked that too! Jeremy has managed to be incredibly successful in this respect because he decided to start by sticking to slightly more general topics. The content focus of his work with Verblio is on more top of the funnel material that is less targeted or technical. This approach allowed him to get high-quality content in a completely hands-off workflow within two months.

However, Jeremy is planning to diversify his content so that he has pieces that target viewers at different stages in their knowledge and buyer’s journey. He’s hoping that with the strong relationship he and Casey have built, he’ll be able to move some of his content this direction. While he will likely have to be more involved in topic creation and submission reviews, Casey can still match him with top-quality writers and ensure the consistency of his content.

The Commitment to Content

Content is a hugely important component of Adjusting to 6 Figures. Not only is it a significant driver for both traffic and leads, it’s a north star of sorts for Jeremy’s approach to his industry. He founded Adjusting to 6 Figures because he was shocked by the dearth of resources within the claims adjustment industry. Educating aspiring claims adjusters and continuing the search for knowledge and new opportunities has been foundational in Jeremy’s work. A content-rich website is a critical piece of that mission.

But content is hard. As a small business owner, Jeremy has a million in a half things to do each day. And content creation is a very time-intensive task on that to-do list. He’s managed to use Verblio, not only to create his content, but to manage the strategy and process. Verblio Complete takes this whole process—from topic generation to SEO and publishing—off of his plate, allowing Jeremy to focus on building his business. Now, no one can claim that’s not a huge value-add. Not even a claims adjuster.

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