When It’s OK To Block A BlogMutt Writer


No one wants to waste each other’s time. If you’re rejecting a BlogMutt writer’s posts multiple times, you might want to save time for everyone involved by blocking the writer from your subscription.

Here’s our guide on when it’s appropriate to block a BlogMutt writer.

When to Block a Writer

Last week, I told you how to prefer a writer. This is a great option if you’ve found a writer who really understands and cranks out the blog posts you envision. Alongside your preferred writers, you likely have a dozen or so of other writers who do the job just fine.

But what if you’ve found one writer who consistently isn’t hitting the target you’ve set? If you’ve been rejecting posts from one writer after repeated edit attempts, you might want to block him or her.

Post rejection itself is fairly rare. As one writer explains, “BlogMutt writers have about a 10-percent rejection rate.” That’s incredibly low because we’ve got a fantastic group of writers who are able to write for almost any subject or industry out there.

But sometimes a writer isn’t the right fit—they aren’t a bad writer per se. They simply aren’t matching the tone or voice for this specific blog’s vision.

A couple weeks ago, I had a customer explain that they didn’t want to block one writer because they didn’t want to feel guilty. The alternative, however, was that the writer continued to submit posts which the customer had no intention of claiming. It reminded me of my high school crush leading me on to my inevitable disappointment over and over again. Brutal.

Blocking a writer can sometimes feel awkward for both parties involved. While it shouldn’t be overused, the feature is there for the benefit of both the customer and the writer.

Here are some general guidelines to follow when it’s appropriate to block a writer, and when you should hold off.

When blocking a writer is OK:

  • You’re repeatedly rejecting their posts.
  • The writer isn’t able to change their style to suit your needs after multiple edit requests.
  • You feel the writer would reap more profit for their efforts on another subscription/customer.

When NOT to block a writer:

  • You haven’t provided the writer with multiple chances for a good post.
  • You haven’t attempted to communicate the style changes you need to the writer, using our system of edit requests.

How to Block a Writer

You can block a writer the same way you prefer a writer:

1. Select the writer’s picture to the left of their post in your dashboard to navigate to the writer’s profile.

2. Click “Manage writers” to display the dropdown list.

3. Select the third option: “Block this writer.”

And don’t worry—blocking a writer doesn’t tarnish their reputation at BlogMutt. It’s not indicative of a serious problem. It’s simply there to allow you to narrow down the writers who understand the vision of your blog more efficiently.

We want you to have control over the content you receive, and be able to work swiftly in our platform to get your content needs met.

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