Every blogger has experienced it.

That moment when you sit down behind your computer, get ready to write, and realize that for some reason, you can’t come up with anything to write about.

You find yourself randomly surfing the web, desperately trying to muster up some ideas. After all, this blog post has to be turned out by five o’clock. There’s just one problem: your mind remains a total blank. Maybe you’ve already consulted our past posts to get some ideas, but inspiration has yet to strike.

Never fear! We’re here again to save the day with our superhero cape and super blogpowers to suggest 30 more business blog post ideas that will keep you from drawing a blank and get you typing feverishly again.

1. Write a “how-to” post. Is there a product in your lineup that readers struggle to use? Do you worry that many clients might not be knowledgeable about how to take the first step in working with your company? Write a “how-to” post and share your invaluable knowledge.

2. Debate the latest hot topic. What topic is currently screaming across your industry? Take it on in debate form to suck readers in and encourage their interaction.

3. Dust off an old favorite. That old blog post can be made new again, bringing new traffic straight to your website.

4. Design a roundup. List the “ten best” anything on the internet that’s relevant to your niche.

5. More personally, show off YOUR “ten best.” What are the best products or services that your company has to offer? Best blog posts?

6. Speak to the season. Do you have an upcoming event or sale for the season? Do your product offerings change with the changing seasons–for example, an exterminator who sees different bugs in the fall than in the spring and summer?

7. Try a video. If you don’t want to create one of your own, consider linking to one that offers great content and providing your own commentary.

8. Praise your idols. Who in your industry do you look up to? Use their accomplishments as a springboard for a new post. Let them know, too–maybe you’ll get some free promotion out of it as a bonus. 😉

9. Create a cartoon. Satire is a great way to speak to your industry.

10. Comment on someone else’s content. Do you follow a blogger who has recently created a great example of content in your industry? Start talking about it! Be sure to share your review with them to increase your exposure.

11. Create a “how-not-to” post. You’ve done the how-to. What about the how-not-to? Reverse your thinking to create great new opportunities for a post.

12. Give an advance peek. If you’ve got a seminar, webinar, or conference coming up, share a preview of the content visitors can expect to see.

13. Get motivational. Give your readers encouragement as they pursue their projects or work with your company.

14. Admit your mistakes. Tell the story of your biggest blunders to showcase a better way to accomplish something. Readers appreciate honesty.

15. Check the trends. Don’t just write about one specific trend to watch; instead, write a quick list of the ones your audience should be observing.

16. Interview a customer. Instead of talking about the professionals, talk to the people who are actually using your products.

17. Highlight the latest and greatest. What advance has your company recently made? Why would that matter to readers?

18. Pull a little-known product out of the shadows. What product does your company sell or use that people don’t give nearly the credit it deserves?

19. Tell a hard truth. Pull out something industry professionals or customers really need to hear.

20. Create a feature chart that shows off the best of several different products.

21. Show off your company’s differences. Something(s) sets your brand apart. What is it?

22. Show off the best features of your products. Don’t forget to describe the benefits of those products with real people to appeal to customers on an emotional level.

23. Write an open letter to someone in your industry, to your customers…go where your imagination takes you.

24. Explain why your profession is important. Are you often overlooked? Explain why you shouldn’t be.

25. Discuss regular maintenance. Do you work in a profession where people typically only call you when there’s a problem? How could regular maintenance–especially maintenance from you–prevent those crises?

26. Describe your recommendations.  From key products to recommendations on how to handle an industry-specific situation, tell your readers how you would handle it if you were in their shoes.

27. Highlight a quote. Does it help you conduct business? Does it help frame your company’s goals?

28. Do a month (or year) in review. What’s happened recently to change your industry forever?

29. Tell a secret. Shh…your readers are getting something juicy here! Take them behind the scenes or offer an industry “secret” or hack.

30. Get a little silly. Tell a story about something funny that happened this week, write your own satire of a common problem, or even do a joke roundup of popular jokes about your industry.

If you’re lucky, one of these business blog post ideas has set off that creative spark, and you’re now ready to get typing. If you’re not and haven’t yet, check out 30 other ideas for blog topics, visit your favorite blogs to procrastinate a little longer (er, see if they’ve written anything that will spark an idea of your own), or contact BlogMutt to find a team of highly qualified writers who can help turn those posts out for you.