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We just attended the Crowdsortium conference, and I just want to take a moment to say how great it was, and to explain how crowdsourcing is the key to our blog writing service.

This is a little bit of Inside Baseball… our customers don’t really care that much if we use crowdsourcing to solve their problem, or if we use flying space dogs. But it’s a part of our DNA and so I think it’s worth writing about briefly.

Let’s start with the term Crowdsourcing. It is huge part of what we do, but for many the term is almost meaningless. In short, it’s the idea that using a bunch of people to solve a problem works better than one person trying to solve a problem. We’ll write more about that many times.

Because crowdsourcing is so new, however, as a business concept, there’s not that many people to talk to about how it works in operating a new enterprise.

We’re very lucky in Boulder to have several of the best companies using crowdsourcing today, including Trada, Kapost, Victors and Spoils, and Napkin Labs. A recent conversation about crowdsourcing at the venerable Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group went from the basics to really deep in less than an hour.

But there’s nothing like gathering face-to-face with people who are in the trenches, doing some of the same things you are doing. That’s what the Crowdsortium conference meant for me, especially because we are so early in this process.

It wasn’t a huge gathering, and it almost certainly never will be gargantuan as the number of people interested in, for instance, Section 530 of the IRC, is inherently limited. That said, I think one day years from now people will be amazed when I tell them I was at the first one.

Too bad there wasn’t a T-shirt.


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