Case Study: How One Blog Post Can Make You A Conference Speaker

I had the absolute pleasure to meet with a BlogMutt customer yesterday in Sydney, and what he told me made the 24 hours of travel time to get here worth it, even if I hadn’t given a keynote speech the day before that.

This client is a niche consultant in the import/export world. (I’m not going to name him because his blog posts appear under his name, so his readers don’t know that we write the posts for him, and I don’t want to reveal his secret weapon.)

I figured I could do touristy stuff in Australia, but the more you read about the dangers of the snakes and spiders, and now even the cute Koala bears (hate to have to explain to my wife that I got an STD from a Koala) I thought maybe my time would be best spent in the big city meeting with customers.

This customer was very generous with his time, and showed me how he works with BlogMutt. In short, he’s fantastic. He goes in and puts stars on posts he likes and leaves comments for the writers. He adjusts his topics depending on his needs. He has one writer who does really well for him, so he marked her as a “preferred writer.” In short, he’s doing everything we could ask of a customer.

He told me that he had been using AdWords before, but that kept getting more and more expensive for him as the auction price of his words kept creeping up. And worse than that, they weren’t really working. He’d get a little business out of them, but very small. He’s a consultant, trying to land large consulting gigs. The AdWords campaign was producing only clients that wanted to spend hundreds, not the thousands he’s looking for.

So, he turned to blogging, but quickly realized he wouldn’t be able to do it all himself, even though he is a good writer. In fact, he’s even written a book. But writing a regular blog post is a whole different animal, and he was torturing himself to get those done until he found BlogMutt.

That’s all great, but it’s not the best part of the story. Here’s the best part:


The Post That Made Him A Conference Speaker


We sell thousands of blogs posts every month at BlogMutt. I’m so involved in the machinery that makes that possible that sometimes I lose sight of the fact that every one of those posts is a unique creation, one that’s designed to really connect a reader to a business.

And while we know blogging works, the victories from blogging are usually subtle — increased in search rankings for a keyword, or improved lead flow through a site.

But this victory was clear.

This customer’s preferred writer wrote a very topical post for him, one that used “newsjacking” to take a current topic in the news and turn it ito a post.

The customer saw the post, edited it a bit, and got it up on his site.

A few weeks after that, he got an email. It said that the organizers of a trade conference had seen that post as they were searching for experts on that topic from the news. They found that post, thought it had a unique take, and they were wondering if he would be available to be a speaker at a conference.

So, next month he’ll be getting on a plane to go speak at a conference and in the audience will be a giant room full of prospective consulting clients. 

Good on ya, mate!

(I’m picking up some of the local dialect.)

It’s a huge win for him, and I couldn’t be happier.

And in that one story, I find important lessons for all the constituencies of BlogMutt:

  1. For small businesses sinking money into AdWords trying to win business: you’ll save a lot of money and have a better result with blogging.
  2. For current BlogMutt customers: It really does make a huge difference to spend just a few moments adding stars and comments to posts.
  3. For BlogMutt writers: Continue using those tools we provide to get newsy items into posts. They make a HUGE difference, as this post proved.
  4. For agencies not yet using BlogMutt: Use this story to help your clients understand that one post may be a total game-changer for them, but they need to blog every week to make that happen.
  5. For me: I gotta sit with customers more often. Every time I do it just recharges my batteries so much because BlogMutt really is making their professional lives much better.

So thanks to that customer for taking the time to sit with me (there’s a BlogMutt T-shirt in his future!) and thanks to our writers and our in-office staff for the remarkable work that they have done and that they do every day to make blogging work for small businesses.


We eat our own dog food. It's true. We use Verblio's service for our own blog. The same writers that write for our clients write many of our blog posts—like this one. Any posts with an author named "Verblio" were written by a writer from our talent pool of 3,000+ U.S.-based writers. We sure couldn't do it without them.

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