6 Reasons Why Blogs Are An Ideal New Business Tactic For Agencies

New business isn’t a formal department in a lot of small to mid-sized agencies. For most agencies, the best new business starts in finding opportunities with current clients. But pitching new business to current clients can be a bit awkward and is often overlooked because of more pressing projects.

Finding a new business tactic for agencies shouldn’t be hard. In fact, a blog is a perfect place to start.

Every agency should be using content as a conduit to new business. Managing a client’s blog and content strategy is the most efficient way to jumpstart your agency’s new business.

1. Think of one blog post as a seedling.

Asking clients to sign up for a big project isn’t easy. Sales cycles can take a long time to germinate. But a blog post? Ah! That’s the sneaky side door to a big project down the road.

Getting client sign-off on a blog post is easy. If you already manage your client’s editorial calendar, every blog post should be an opportunity for a bigger project.

One blog post can turn into a video project, a microsite, or hell, the most successful blog posts could become campaigns unto themselves.

2. A blog post is a gateway to multimedia opportunities.

We’ve started doing this at BlogMutt by launching Snapchat. We realized that a blog post is great, but repurposing the content across other channels is even better. It doesn’t diminish the value of the blog. But as people migrate to consuming more video content, the blog is the script to a video or Snap.

When working with your clients, revisit a blog that would lend itself well to a video. It can be as simple as a whiteboarding video like the folks at Moz do.


(Whiteboarding video from Moz)

3. Blog posts are opportunities for thought leadership.

Clients are too busy to think of content ideas, that’s why they’ve hired you.

When you take ownership of your client’s content schedule, you have an opportunity to position your agency as thought leaders within your client’s space. The more ownership and results reported, the more apt a client is to trust your instincts when pitching new ideas.

4. Owning your client’s blog builds mindshare.

When clients don’t hear from their agencies, they get restless. With a blog, the regular check-ins are built in. Being top of mind with your client means more new business in the future and a blog is the perfect place to stay there.

In my experience at agencies, clients like to know that they’re being thought of by their agency. If agencies proactively communicate ideas or send interesting articles a client finds useful, it builds trust and a more successful working relationship.

With a blog, agencies have opportunities to schedule weekly or monthly blog meetings. It means more face time. More face time greases the new business wheels.

5. Find content opportunities in other departments.

If you’re already doing blog content with one client’s department, other departments may want your resources as well. When there are multiple product or marketing managers on hand during a meeting, tactfully use the opportunity to socialize your agency’s success within departments.

guy-holding-flashlight-to-the-purple-starry-night-sky(Photo credit: Unsplash

6. Blogging remains a fundamental tactic and essential part of an integrated marketing program.

At the end of the day, a blog is still the foundation of a progressive marketing program. And yet, there are still tons of businesses without a blog presence. No blog presence means no opportunity to repurpose content, no social, and no chance of becoming a thought leader.

Reach out to companies without a blog presence—especially if your agency has experience launching a content strategy with other clients. This is one of the easiest ways to get a foothold on new business and growing your agency’s influence within an organization.


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